Friday, December 10, 2010

Cute Anemone Flower

Hello People....!!

Cute Anemone Flower
Mount : Acrylic Paper
Medium : Acrylics
Size : 12" x 12 "

Anemone is very cute flower, which we can find generally in Spring.
These days I am experimenting with in flowers, and when I was searching flowers for my next painting, I came across to the Chalk Pestle Anemones by Janie of ragamuffins, and her study of Anemone flower she shared in Sept 2007.
I Loved her Chalk Pestle Anemones & I was so inspired to make it in Acrylics..!

Study of flowers is always awesome, and that what I learn from my inspiration..!
I will try it the way she did..!!
Every Patel, leaf has its own identity just like human.. (That's what I felt when I started this)

I did my best to enhance its appearance & cuteness..!

Pink flower are always cute & these are Japanese Anemones, & they has to look Cute.

And this is my experiment in photography..! (Still learning)
Sunlight coming from Window frame & darkness of paper on floor..!!

I learn with many inspiration, and I am trying to do my best whatever I do for my artwork.
I'll be back with my next post.. These days I am studying "Lotus Flower".
Please check my new blog "CreationS - Back to Basics" where I will share how I completed my Artwork, and other Craft project. 


  1. Good ones.Much needed in winter where flowers are difficult to be seen.


  2. This is beautiful Rachana! Love it.


  3. hi there, so sorry Rachana, I've only just read your message to me, and I'm delighted you liked my Pastel, you've done a beautiful work in acrylics, really portrayed the delicacy and lightness of the petals and the lovely fluid relationship between the flowers, gorgeous.


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