Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just wanted to say Hi!

I am not a person who like to read..
I am just like others who just brows those images and hit like if it really catches my eyes.
Its true, we all are same!

But today I was reading an article, where writer has described a fact with an ease.
That inspired me... again, to see my art and my blog as a reader and not like a person I use to write my post.
I think that article was for me! You what it was about?? That article explains "Why most artist's blogs fail.."
He is right, may be after taking such a long break, I have forgot world of blogging, my blogger readers and blogger friends. Also the people who admire me by saying I inspired them.. 

Well they says Its never too late..
I am working on it guys.. :) :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Celebrating of 3rd Birthday of "CreationS - The Essence of Arts

Good morning my dear lovelies!!

We are turning 3 this year, Yey!!! I never recognized my this baby is growing too fast.. 
June 1st is a special day for "CreationS", I started this blog, and my identity as an Artist.

Three years, Thank you my dear readers for all your love and support and specially your appreciation,
Without your support I may not able to reach this world.

This year I have planned to celebrate our 3rd birthday entire month of June-2013
And as a gift we are giving away Prints of my originals .. 
This June you will receive a Free Print of my  painting with your every purchase.

Get ready for your treat guys, Only four days to go....
June starts this Saturday!!
And don't forget to share.. :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

WIP : Sakhi - making it in Color

Hello my dear readers!!

My last post was about my new work Shiva, but something is stopping me to finish it..
I big confusion and not satisfied with my work I have put it on hold..

Mean while I get clue what is missing there, I have started my next painting..
Many readers asked me to make "Sakhi - A dear Friend" in Color..
And I am making it once again..

Sharing a WIP picture with you! 
Its almost complete.. And these ladies look pretty in color version..

Stay connected to see final painting.

*** These days I am receiving many spam comments.. 
This is an Art blog, and I would appreciate if you drop words about my art.. !!

Friday, May 3, 2013

New work.. Now in progress

Hello my lovely readers !

Its always good when you feel good...
 and I feel extremely good when I dream about my next painting and start work on it.. 
Sharing glimpse of my next painting.
I am sure you have got an idea..but wait for the final one.. 

Stay in Touch....

You may like this ..!!

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