Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just wanted to say Hi!

I am not a person who like to read..
I am just like others who just brows those images and hit like if it really catches my eyes.
Its true, we all are same!

But today I was reading an article, where writer has described a fact with an ease.
That inspired me... again, to see my art and my blog as a reader and not like a person I use to write my post.
I think that article was for me! You what it was about?? That article explains "Why most artist's blogs fail.."
He is right, may be after taking such a long break, I have forgot world of blogging, my blogger readers and blogger friends. Also the people who admire me by saying I inspired them.. 

Well they says Its never too late..
I am working on it guys.. :) :)

1 comment:

  1. Thankyou Rachana for share this post.....:)*

    SOooooo impressed me,thank you,dear!
    I am absolutely agree with Hugh,
    but I am also in ''be-in-two-minds''.

    that's TRUE: you must be very strong leader and THAT is what peoples intrested.
    I mean leader and provider in your ideas and your creativity.
    BUT......HOW must you doing this???

    Sending to you my warmest hugs,



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