Saturday, January 21, 2012

Murli Manohar (Bal Krishna)

I took such a long time,**Almost 4 months** to complete this painting.
Finally presenting "Murli Manohar" - मुरली मनोहर 
( Bal -Krishna )

Acrylics on 16" x 20" Canvas

Govind, Gopala, Murli manohar, Makhan chor.. Krishna has many name.

But he always describe with flute.
Krshna and his flute.. The divine music that attracts every one, birds, animals, gopika (Vraj Bala)..
Here I have added all his favourite.. Birds, Peacock, Cows, Rivar Yamuna, and Lotus.

Now you can see every step of this painting, from blank canvas to Final in my video..
I hope you would like it too..!

And at last my picture.. Well, it was not complete when Saurabh clicked it :)

Take care my Beautiful readers..!!


  1. Wow....tis is awesome,i jus loved the video!!!I'm not a gr8 painter,but never tried painting on a canvas..i hav a feel tat its for u hav any tutorial (post here) for tat,or any tips section??i'm a gr8 fan of all ur paintings!!

  2. beautiful :) :) and loved the video as well :)

  3. Thank you so much Saheli...! Such a long time talking with you.

    @ Geethu, Thanks..Try your imaginations on canvas..! i dont have any tutorials, but I am sure you-tube will help you.. :)

    @Purvi..! Thank you so much

  4. Hey Rachana, Awesome creation. Love your work. All the paintings are so full of colors and creativity. I wonder how you do it.


  5. Beautiful painting... Loved the way you had shown the transition through the video !

  6. Rachna..its very all the details..the time you spent all worth I think...beautiful!

  7. Lovely.. Lovely.. I didn’t know.. that birds, peacocks, cows, lotus… were his favourites… I was going to say.. I love that lotus.. its very pretty

  8. I loved the detailing, great work! but to me krishna looked sad, was that intentional? or is it my imagination ;)

  9. I've loved Krishna since I was a kid. very beautifully done! love it!

  10. lovely Rachana...amasing Krishna...Just made me to not to click mouse for 5 min & just keep looking at it...lovely..enjoyed a small bit of it :)


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