Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My new Creation - "मिट्टीDesigns"

Hello my dear readers..!!!
Happy Vijayadashmi!

Its hard to find time these days for my blogger friends.
Well, my daughter is three months today and I am not able to concentrate on my paintings!!!!

But I got chance to enhance my "Clay Creations" 
Remember my earlier posts regarding my polymer clay creations???
These days I am working on my clay projects and as a result presenting

"मिट्टी Designs"- My clay Creations!

My hand sculpted Polymer Clay accessories and Jewelry ready for sale.
Please visit my new Etsy shop "मिट्टीDesigns" for more information and designs! 

I hope you guys would love my new "Creation" :)
I am finding my time to start my painting again..! Till then I will post my Clay creations!

Take care and Happy Dashera !!!


  1. These are beautiful Rachana, totally awesome...which polymer clay do you use ..Best of luck for the new endeavor

  2. You are so creative! Keep your creative energy up. It suits you quite well. Good luck with your new shop too.


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