Wednesday, March 13, 2013

AadhyaShakti - Maa Amba

Good Morning!
Hello my beautiful readers, how are you doing??
Sharing today final painting of  Aadhyashakti-Maa Amba (Durga)

As I mentioned in my previous post, they wanted the painting to be like photograph provided, 
so I tried to make it just like it. :)
Sharing that picture too....
I tried my best to justify this image, Initially I was not confident..
As I have never made anything exactly same, this is not my style.. 

But I managed  :) And I am happy for my work..
For me its important that even in my busy days I am managing to keep my hand steady on my canvas. 

And Finally its me, giving final touch-ups..
Varnish - to give that nice gloss! 

I hope you enjoyed my post after such a long break.
Well now you know that I have been lazy and I'll keep you wait for my next post too..
Have a nice Day!


  1. Nice work! Good to see you back painting.

  2. Thank you Sujata ji.. I was missing this fun for so long.

  3. Hello! Great to see a pic of you at work! :)


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