Friday, November 15, 2013

Durga : The Goddess of Supreme Power

Imaginations will always draw you in the directions of your dreams. 
When I wanted to draw her on my canvas, I imagined her - 
as a cute innocent girl, with lots of love in her eyes and sweet smile on her face. 

I put all my efforts and creativity to meet my imaginations and turn them in a real picture, 
and today I am proudly sharing my "Durga" 

"Durga"  : The Godess of Supreme Power. 
Durga (Sanskrit: दुर्गा); meaning "the inaccessible" or "the invincible".
 The Supreme form of Shakti,empowered by all the Gods, to end all Evil.

Durga : The goddess of Supreme Power 
Acrylics on  8" x 10 " Canvas

I am popular with my use of bold and bright colors, but this time I have tried to change my style a little bit. For this painting I have just used the Primary colors - Shades of Red, Yellow and Black. with a very little use of white and Blue.. A small attempt to work with limited colors.. And I am glad with my effort.

I competed Durga's portrait in last month, but I was not happy with it. Because Lion, lotus, trishul and her favorite bird Parrot was not there.. There was very small space and so I took a long time to fit all those small small elements in this painting with the restriction in use of colors. 

I created Durga in another form today - Necklace for my clay creations Mitti Designs.

Ardhanarishvara : Shiv-Shakti Necklace.

I feel great I am still connected with you all through my art.
Let me know, drop your words / suggestions - leave me a comment.. I'll be happy to see your response.


  1. Vow Extra ordinary work. So Appealing

  2. I don't want to comment but I want to know whether goddess durga is the supreme paramatma or parambrahm herself in static form and paramshakti in dynamic form or merely an external manifestation of the supreme being whom we call the paramatma or parambrahm.
    Some sources say that Goddess Durga is the wife of the kaal or parambrahm and submissive to him and she has to work according to his will. Some sources say that she is the consort of shiva and subservient to him. Some malicious tongues also say that srikrishna is the paramatma or parambrahm and Goddesses Durga is only his maid servant.
    Now I have also read that the word Allah was originated from a sanskrit word Amba which means Goddess Durga and according to the islamic faith Allah said " be it" and the universe was created from mind without anyone's help. I have also read from other sources that Jesus'God and Muhammad's allah are the same Goddess Durga and Jesus himself described Goddess Durga as his virgin mother and worshipped her as the Supreme one. Some articles reveal that while appearing as mahishasuramardini from the combined energy of the Gods ,Goddess Durga introduced herself as identical to the supreme paramatma or parambrahm in static form and paramshakti in dynamic form but not as the mere creation of the Gods' combined energy.
    Now being universal mother how can she be anyone's consort? Being universal mother and omnipotent she should have created the universe from her mind without anyone's help and everyone and everything including all the forms of other Gods and Goddesses and the paramatma or parambrahm(if it not be Goddess Durga herself )should have been submissive to Goddess Durga and should have been her children and her creations.
    I have searched constantly in the inner core of my heart and gradually found that it is Goddess durga only who has all the super qualities to be one and only the supreme being. With due respect to all other forms of Gods and Goddesses and the paramatma or parambrahm (if it not be Goddess Durga herself),I found none is equivalent to Goddess Durga and all of them may have potency and character to be gods but not the supreme being.
    Are these information and beliefs true?
    These information and beliefs may be wrong also.but then I will have none to whom I can take shelter and whom I can worship with all love and devotion . then I have to continue a dejected life throughout but still I want to know the truth. PLEASE REPLY.

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