Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hello People..!!
Finally I am back with "Lajjo".. :)
Medium : Acrylics
Mount : Canvas
Size : 12"x16"

Lajjo - Memories of my school days sketchbook drawing , now on canvas.. Work needs to be improve.. well, I am working on that..
Lajjo is an Indian name of woman (Ancient time).
Lajjo means Lajja (Sanskrit), Modesty.
In India Lajja personified as the wife of Dharma and Mother of Vinaya(good conduct, discipline), and the daughter of Daksha.

Woman are generally blushing in nature, and in India "Lajja" counts as one of the jewelry(Nature) of woman. And so Lajjo suits best for woman.

This time I put new technique in this painting..! Colour of eye and 3-D beads for jewellery.
3-D thing makes "Lajjo" so complete that I am so happy with it..!

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Suggestions are always welcome.

Stay with me for my new experiment.

Be safe & think Creative..!!

1 comment:

  1. Wow !!! That is great.

    Btw I had to click on the Image to view the 3-D beads.

    Will it be possible to give a Preview like Amazon Product Images ? That would be great. Just Mouse Hover and See the Magnified Image.

    Keep posting !!!


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