Monday, July 19, 2010

Greece - The Beautiful place on Earth

Hello People...

How was your week..?? Adding something here after so long...
Greece - The most beautiful place on earth, The country in southeastern Europe , The birth place of Olympics, The mixture of Roman & Hellenic Culture.

Well I don't want to put the history of Greece, that yo can find in Wikipedia.
Greece is one of my favourite destination and I love the colours white and blue and their combinations in Greece. White building and beautiful blue water..!! Amazing..!!
Even you can find the beauty of Greece in some of Hindi movies to..!! (I am a big fan of Bollywood-Hindi Movies)

This time my experiment is Exploring colours of Greece, as I am making a view of my dream place Greece.
Check my next post, Colours of Greece with CreationS.

Be Safe & Think Creative..!!

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