Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Santorini Greece - The Beautiful place.

Hello People...!!
Here I am with the view of Greece - the beautiful place on earth.
Mount : 2 Canvas Frame
Size : 18" x 24" Each
Medium : Acrylics

This is the view of Santorini Greece. On Santorini, you can find exquisite beaches, impressive ancient sites and quaint traditionally- built villages and Charming Churches.

As i mentioned earlier, this is my experiment of painting something from a real picture, and I am glade that my experiment was successful.
Each frame has a different view. The is frame I made on 19 July, and after completing this I thought to make other.

I have just completed this second frame today (21 July) and when I am putting this both together, it completes view of Greece, as i wanted...!

You can see all the detailing in the image below..

The church and the mountains in blue-white colours...

And here another church with its different property and with some more colours, as it was in the picture..
Let me know how interesting you find the view of Greece with me.

Be Safe & Think Creative..!!


  1. Its lovely :D, keep updating :)

  2. Depicts Santorini very well, quite authentic rendition!

  3. Another lovely work.. Lovely shades of blue... The place looks magical...!!

  4. hey loved all of these...i love santorini too....


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