Thursday, October 14, 2010

Colour Splash

Colour Splash - Mount : Canvas Board,Size : 16" x 20 ", Medium : Acrylics

Here I am with something very interesting and Kid-friendly..!
This is my most favourite technique that develops amazing texture on surface with Acrylics medium.
You can see all the details in these all images, and the best thing is when you touch the surface u can feel the shape and depth of the surface.
Many colours on same plane,
And this time I tried not just mixing but I have created some uniform patterns with it..

here in the image below, you can see the depth of surface on canvas..

Its simple, Fun and something new for your kids..! 
Give it a try..! But take care, it will take some 24 hours to dry.
 I'll be back with something new again
Be Safe and Think Creative..!!


  1. all your creations are really very beautiful Rachna !!! i really like all u r paintings !! :)

  2. Beautiful !!! Coming over from Artsy Craftsy. Can you share the steps on how to do this with kids?


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