Friday, October 1, 2010

Wheal & its Calf in Deep Sea

Hello People...!!
Here I am with my new experiment of creating Wheal with its Calf on Canvas..!
Wyland teach very simple way to create such beautiful painting.
Mount : Canvas Frame
Size : 16" x 20"
Medium : Acrylics

A View of Wheal & Calf returning from water surface to Deep sea..

You can see the details of Wheal in the Image below..!!

I just loved detailing of eye..! I could not believe the way it became so live...

Well, I'll be back with something new in my new post..!!


  1. this one is too good....the water effect is awesome!!!

  2. You are very talented! Your paintings, especially of Radha and other brides etc remind me of Adithi's paintings. She blogs at, check it out and I think you will enjoy it. If you don't mind me saying, please take care to check spelling before posting even though this blog is about your wonderful art and not English. It's just a bit annoying to read huge spelling/grammatical mistakes. I love your art though :)

  3. Hi..
    Thanks for your suggestion..
    I am a big fan of Dithi, or you can say she is my inspiration.. And About my English, yes you are right, I am too bad in both Language and writing.

    Well, if you can help me, It will be great..I can't see any name or contact id of yours..!!
    I Hope next time...

  4. Gracious of you to take the suggestion :) Just use spell checker in word or some other program before posting on your blog, that's all. Keep up the art and your experiments, all the best to you!

  5. My dear friend,
    Again You didn't give your name & contact id..!!
    Just curious to know about my well-wisher..

  6. amazing..............
    really superb
    big fan of ur painting waiting 2 see more

    -nithisha pappen

  7. A lovely painting... So lively... and love the effect of water..


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