Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Baarat / Bidaai : My Big project

Hello Readers..!!!
I am back with "My big Project - The Baarat / Bidaai"
7 Canvas frame size 24" x 30" each, makes 14 feet long one continuous painting.
The painting is so big, I have to edit individual painting photograph to make one painting.
And you can see this on wall of  "Spicy Garden Indian Cuisine" in Maryland.

This is Baarat / Bidaai scene, in Indian Mughal Art.
Where King is taking his Bride to home, People / Relatives / Helpers are also part of it..

Starting from Left, Senapati / A Man on Horse holding a flag.
The Senapati is protecting Bride & people. And Flag shows the King family is on their way.

The Horse..! White, and with Royal decorations..!

And Here come the man with Flag..!!

The next painting is showing People / Relatives.

Detailing of woman & her Jewel..
Two man, One protecting with  A metal Fight weapon..

  The next is the one who needs all the protection, "The Bride".

And detailing of  Doli & The Bride..!!

A closer look to Bride..!
Her face, all Jewel & everything..!! My favourite part of the entire painting..!

Then the man who carries the Doli,

I take care to give every man a different face & attitude.
That you can see in all the images.!

The Forth one shows Bride-mates, Women who can't stop talking..!! :)

Have a Closer look....!!!! But let me tell you, that's fun..!

And in next painting, one woman is looking behind,
 to see everyone is following them or not, or may be you can say, she wants to involve in the talk too..!!
In this painting a man is holding sun guard for king.!
Woman has some food / Flower in her Basket..!
And a young Boy ..!
And a man who holds Sun-Guard for King..!!!
And next comes the King / Groom.. On an Elephant.
Mughal King On his Shahi Savari (Royal Carrier)

And his Detailing of an Elephant..
And the King, holding a Rose in his hand..!!
And the last painting of this series..!! Two guards, holding flag..!

And their Detailing..

Seven painting, and I really don't have words to explain..!!
My Big Project has ended, and Now I can complete my "Dulhan"..!

I will post my "Dulhan" very soon..!!!

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