Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dulhan : Waiting for him

"Dulhan : Waiting for him"

Acrylics on 12"x12" Canvas Paper

To potray "Indian bride" is not so easy, because of her dressing and lots of Jewelry.
I felt "Waiting for him" tital is so perfect with this,"Dulhan",
so I named it, "Dulhan - Waiting for him". 

 and as you can see words of a very beautiful Gujarati Gazal "Aafrin" by Pankaj Udhas,
"શાંત ઝરુખે વાટ નિરખતી રૂપની રાણી જોઇ હતી"
Means "A beautiful woman was eagerly waiting for him "

And here is Meaning of the song by words,
શાંત (Shant - Slient, quat) ઝરુખે (Zarukhe - Window) વાટ (Vaat - wait ) નિરખતી (Nirakhti - looking for) રૂપની (Roop ni - Beautiful) રાણી (Rani = Queen, Woman) જોઇ હતી (Saw)

And here is the video... I love this song.. its just so beautiful...

And here is the closer image..!!!

I hope you love this one..!!
I have prepared my next painting countinuing "The Wedding" sequence,
and it is on "Bidaai". I'll post it soon..!


  1. hey.. nice work gal..keep it up... :)

  2. hi,ur works are amazing,especially the marriage project,jamniroy ,panihari etc.,.today morning fully ,i was seeing ur blog only.keep going.waiting to see your next project

  3. Hi - I saw your work at spicy garden yesterday. The painting is absolutely beautiful. The detailing and precision is outstanding. Are you from Baltimore ?

  4. Beautiful...and I love the song..totally relates to your beautiful painting!!


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