Monday, March 7, 2011

Friends : They've make my home come Alive..

Meet my new "Friends".
Acrylics on Three canvas frame, 18 " x 24" each.
We just moved in a new Apartment and I wanted some new paintings on wall.
I have started with Living room where main colours are Black & Red. And Four friends, playing Hide & Sick" made our room so Live..

Starting from the left Part...

And its Detailing, closer look of two friends...!

The center painting...
Blue eyes, & Resting her hand on the curve..! 

And the last one..!!!
looking from a corner..!!
And my favourite...!! Gray eyes...!!

For my wall these "Friends" are good, but I have to extend this to give my wall perfect look..
I have not name them yet..!! So name you suggest..!!

So will add one more frame to this very soon..!!
Hope you like this one...Take care..!!


  1. oh my!! these friends of yours are truly gorgeous!! You are amazing!

  2. oh wow., color makes the work much attractive.i like adorning the girls with that head band.such a sweet little band :)totally i like this hide and seek behind red cloth

  3. Looks attractive!!! great concept and grils are looking very cute...

    Keep it up your good work

  4. Beautiful..beautiful!!..Came to know about your art from Pat's blog..way to gal :)

    Have a nice day ..


  5. this is truely amazing piece of work!!! i too came to know from Pat's blog....

  6. beautiful stuff!Came in here from Patty's blog

  7. Beautiful Rachana! Can brighten up an corner of a home!
    I love the eyes of the women you paint, sensuous, peaceful, and confident :)

  8. beautiful work. It has something that reminds every girl of the great time they have with their friends. I loved it and I guess I am going to make something similar for myself :)


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