Monday, March 14, 2011

Radha Krishna - A Divine Love

Radha Krishna - A Divine Love...
 "यमुना किनारे कान्हा बंसी बजावे, राधा दोडी चली अवे"
Means, " The sound of Krishna's Flute is Call for Radha"
And that's what this painting is all about.!!

There are so many tales and stories of Radha Krishna.
"Radha Krishna, One soul two bodies.."
The relationship of Radha-Krishna is the embodiment of Love, passion and devotion. Krishna is the soul of Radha and, Radha is definitely the soul of Krishna. Radha is undivided form of Krishna.
One can not understand or explain their Love,
But Radha and Krishna are the Best example for Love..
Both Radha and Krisha Loves Lotus,
and here I have shown Lotus at bank of river "Yamuna".
As per Indian mythological traditions "Krishna" is the perfect man. 
"श्याम सुंदिर वर घनश्याम" means "The lotus-eyed, dark skinned Krishna"
Edited picture actually explains that..!!
Hope you like this one...!!
See you soon..! Take care..


  1. wow........excellant contemporary painting of krishna and radha.i lik the lotus bkground..rachana ,daybyday really coming up with new ventures in ur creation.what more to so.asusuall rocking.

  2. Nice Work...!!!!

  3. I love bright & sharp colors,Its a wonderful art & People of Pakistan & India are very good in this Art..well keep it up Honey & rock ON..

    p.s Thanks a bunch for your sweet words at my blog,so nice of you

  4. Gorgeous.. Rachana.. you are truly blessed... :-)

  5. Beautiful painting. The eyes are gorgeous and the painting has a serene feel to it.

  6. just mind blowing..just came across your blog while searching on the internet for some inspiration..and I sure landed at the best possible place ...:)


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