Thursday, April 7, 2011

Panihari : The water woman of India

Panihari : The water woman of India, 
Mount on 12" x 16" Canvas, Medium - Acrylics.

When I started this painting I was not sure for its name. 
But today morning, I found a video and when I saw it, I got my answer.. Its perfect, "Panihari : The water woman of India". Panihari means "Woman who does the work of carrying water". 

A very important task, and its a routine for all woman who lives in small village.
 Every morning they fetch / Collect water from River, Pond or Well for house-hold purpose. 
Even today in some area of Gujarat & Rajasthan woman does this job. 

This time I experiment with dark colors to give these ladies "गॉव की गोरी " (Village Girl) look.
One more thing I've added here is "The hair decoration" to the woman in red.
Last month we went to "Maximum India Festival" in DC, and something I loved the most is the hair decoration piece, (specially for long braid hair styles) you can see that below..

This has a lot of detailing, a beautiful thing..! And this one is my favorite picture too...
I am Gujarati, and I can not forget my favourite Garbo (Song) that explain more about "Panihari".
Lovely music and sweet words.. And this is my first Video in YouTube..

I can not forget to share that video, that inspired me to name this painting
 "Panihari - The water woman of India" 
Well I hope you like this one too... 
Take care guys..!!


  1. Thats some really brilliant work... It inspires me to do create something myself :)

  2. Your art is extremely beautiful. So enjoyed listening to the music!
    Sharing so much joy into this world!
    Thanky you so much for visiting my blog it was certainly a pleasure to visit yours!

  3. Such beyond gorgeous colours...oh,my Godness! What a majestic nice eyes!!!

    Really,very.very nice painting,my dear friend:-)))*


  4. u r my inspiration dear.such a lovely painting.really u make my urge to think "what next?"i don't know what more to say,lack of words.u too look lovely.:)

  5. wow! lovely videa... Totally loved this painting.. wow!!

  6. Rachana.. I've passed on the Versatile blogger award your way.. Hope you'll accept it... and pass it on... *smiles*

  7. Rachana, I love your work, absolutely stunning:):)

  8. thanks for linking in Rachana... You rock!! :-)

  9. Ah another lovely one from you! I've mentioned this before, there's something in the eyes of the women you paint, beautiful!

  10. So beautiful!! love the eyes!! very expressive!!

  11. luved the expression on the face,.:-) and the hair ornament too,.

  12. Hello, hello! Kem cho? I jsut discovered your blog and loving it.

    Your art work is gorgeous, it's like the beautiful Mughlai paintings but with a fabulous modern flair.

    By the ways, I am gujarati too and saw when I saw Kem Cho, I was delighted!

  13. Visiting and now following you from WW...your artwork is gorgeous! I'm looking forward to reading through your archives and seeing more of your work!

    I hope you're having a lovely week.


  14. I'm finally catching up on Wandering Wednesday's Blog Hop and have followed you via GFC.
    Happy Mother's Day! :-)

  15. Lovely theme Rachana. I lived in Rajasthan a couple of years before I came to Norway and it was a common site to see woman carry 3 or 4 post at a go to fetch water and I also learnt that some places they travel several kms to get water - Tough job. I appreciate your befitting painting to them. Loved the song too. I am following you now :-)

  16. Hi! Hari

    Beautiful work -- loved them all. What talent you have:D Video didn't play but you do the women proud;

    All best from Sri Lanka -- Chulie


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