Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nav-Vadhu : The Bride

Hello my beautiful readers!
Sharing you my new painting "Nav-Vadhu : The Bride".
I completed this before 3 weeks, but I have been lazy these days, so sharing it today :) 
Nav-Vadhu : Acrylics on 9 x 12 Canvas Board 

This time I have done something new,
Can you see those Embossed Jewelry detailing? I tried it first time :)

Prints are available on my Etsy Shop :)


  1. Beautiful one Rachana...Loved the colours. The embossing had come out very well. Loved it!I especially love the tiny foot print. Peacock eardrop is gorgeous. We strike a similar chord in a few things right?

    I love embossed jewellery...have done it in few of my works(Ganeshas', RadhaKrishna in glass, Waiting etc) as well if you have noticed in my blog/page. I have just finished a kind of miniature where I have embossed the jewellery...will be posting it soon. I am actually waiting for a group display and once I finish that I will be display it.

    It has become a long comment...
    Best Wishes!

  2. Realy nice work,dear Rashana!

    So special is it:-)*
    You made you painting with an jewelleries...fantastic!

    Wish you a very creative week ahead,my dear friend:-)*


  3. lovely , lovely work , R :)yes your new experiment has added a new dimention to your already beautiful talent.

  4. Very Nice Rachna...I specially love the little detailing of the footprints :)

  5. beutiful bride Rachana..:) I loved the jewellary part very much..:) cute and well embossed :)..I liked the tiny saptapadi giving the boarder effect..lovely one :)

  6. The jewellery detailing is gorgeous, Rachana! And I loove those footprints on the saree :)

  7. Thanks Deepa, I have not visit that page yet, but now I will...

    Thanks Sarmistha, Ambika, Aparna, Sharkara..
    Those foot-print was a random thought, the first thing a bride would do in her husband's house.. One more Indian tradition...

  8. Love u r style of work, beautiful colors...


    Bindu Mallela


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