Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Sketch.. Radha - Krishna

My new sketch of Radha-Krishna.
Adding one more Krishna in my painting list...


I fell in love when I saw this image on a friend's FaceBook profile,
and I decided to make the same in my style..

I will update when I reach to its next step :)


  1. Love it. Waiting to see the final version.

  2. Thank You..!!
    Right now working on it, and I am sure I'll take time in finishing it with other commitments :)

    I am waiting for the final one tooo..

  3. A lovely creation Rachana...I like your work a lot...I like the red-brown you are using at top right...its balancing beautifully with the blues.

  4. The image is stunning.. and so is your attempt.. Gorgeous!!


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