Monday, April 9, 2012

Maaya : Magic in her Eyes

Hello my lovely readers! 
With no further delays, Presenting "Maaya". Lady with magical eyes.

"Maaya " - Acrylics on 9" x 12" Canvas Board.

"Maaya" was my perfect pick for this one I guess. 
When we meet some one first time, the first thing we want to look "whats in his eyes!!" 
Honesty, Love, Cheat.... or...anything.

For woman, that magic in her her eyes always works. And I think Magical eyes and rain, this combination is enough to kill (attract) someone. I want to know how many of you actually agree with me!

One more thing I learned while making this, Rain-drops. I was so scared to make them on this painting, because I was not so sure how it will work on it. But after completing I was 100% happy with my experiment.

That's my reflection on my computer screen. 
I was thinking how my inspiration picture turned in this beautiful "Maaya".
This painting actually inspired me to create a new series of "Maaya", and I will start working on it.

I hope you loved this. 
If yes, Please don't forget to add your comment and share my work.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful and more beautiful!!I sat and kept on looking at her eyes.they are speaking have done an amazingly beautiful rendition of your inspiration.

  2. lovely Rachana :)..i do agree about raindrops stuff with u..i loved the tiny droplets coming out of single rain drop...u did 100% justice to it..just loved it :)

  3. no words...just beautiful,great job Rachana....

  4. Wow...another master piece!!!lovely!!

  5. Thank you guys, your comments motivate me alot :)

  6. Hey Rachana... Glad to see the final creation. I saw the sketch a few days ago and was waiting to see the painted pic. Love it. As always, it's awesome!

  7. Her eyes are truly magical.. and so are yours.. Rachana.. So pretty!!

    Well.. how have you been doing otherwise?? Hope all is well..

  8. Very beautiful painting ...


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