Friday, June 21, 2013

Recent work

They say Artist's life is very interesting, every small thing an artist does has some meaning!!
World of an artist is so dramatic, so complicated.. And that's how they create a best master piece..

My small accident has created a big change in my life.. I have started reading ..!!
And as a result,sharing above lines..I don't know who thinks that, but when I look in my daily routine it was all normal, like others... :) I am happy happy.. I am still an ordinary person..

I am advised to not to paint till 2 more months, but I can not stop my self to create something really good..
My messy work table has proof how much I miss my painting.

Since I am not making any painting, I got enough time to work on my clay creations.. 
I have a different blog for "Mitti Designs", but I have failed to update it regularly, managing its facebbok page is easy, you can see my updates here..  Mitti Designs Facebook link.
Sharing few images..
Tribal Designs

Earth Pendent
Warli Art necklace
 Customized Cake topper 

Switch plates for Kids room

Indian Embroidery Inspired  collection

And my favorite Flower collection

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  1. Your work in gorgeous as ever !!

  2. Such wonderful creations!! Wow!!:)

  3. Awesome , mind blowing superb...I m short of words ...i must say superb creativity...with lovely colour combo


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