Friday, August 30, 2013

Sakhi - A dear Friend - The Color version :)

Hello my dear readers!
Things always turn the best with patience..
This is my second painting (I guess) I made with lots of More than 4-5 months.. :)
But that works the best in creating such a great master piece..

Presenting my final painting, My lovely ladies - "Sakhi - A dear friend" in Color :) :)

Experimenting with colors this time.. 
And choosing back-ground was a biggest challenge.
I tried more than 4 colors for it.. finally I fall on Magenta :) 
I love love love this color, it just enhanced its look.. What you think????


  1. Hello,dear Rashana!

    I am happy to see you again here,sweetheart.................:)))*

    Your painting is truly amazing and so inspiring eyes! Your Sakhi!!!
    And what about colors: ''magenta'' color is beautiful:)*

    How are you,my dear creative friend?....Hope you are ok!

    Wishing you amazing last summer weekend:)))*

    Hugs from me,

  2. I think you have mad a wonderful painting Rachana :)

  3. Your art work is beautiful Rachana :)neat and detailed


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