Thursday, July 14, 2011

Warli - The Tribal art of India

These days I am finding many articles on Indian Tribal Art in news paper and on some of my favourite blogs.
Recently "The Key Bunch" is featuring Warli art, 
and I remember I never publish my some of my warli paintings that I did in my "Practice Time" (Check my sign and Date) **Smiles**

 This one is called  "Village Life" on 18" x 24" Canvas Board.
 My experiment turned out so beautifully with black and white. My idea was to show our routine life. 
The sun rise, birds, men and women start their work and all..
Here I have try to add all the possible things that I know..**Smiles**

This is a wedding scene, A Tribal wedding scene..
I saw a similar one at my friend's house and here I tried it....
I was thinking warli is very easy, but then I found If you want to it in systematic way,
 You need to maintain dimensions, and space in between..
I'll be posting all my updates of my Untitled painting..
And I have found a nice name from your suggestion..
As I mentioned that Lucky person will get its First Print..**Smiles** 


  1. We are waiting eagerly Rachna.. :) hope to hear from you soon :)

  2. luv this ...especially the black and white one inspires a lot with the wavy presentation.waiting for the result with smiles...

  3. Simply gorgeous Rachna...I love the black and white one, what amazing stories are told in these Warli designs:):)

  4. Both your warli is stunning. There so interesting.I love the story you have woven around them.

  5. Thank you guys..!!
    This Indian Tribe art is great..
    I have created a Warli wall in my Home..!
    I'll share that pics soon..!

  6. Love the warli art. Am extremely fond of tribal art. Glad to see that someone else is fond of it too.

  7. hi rachana,visit my blog and pls accept my award.

  8. as a gr8 fan of warli i love ur creations..particularly the second one rachna amazing...

  9. Loved the first one, thanks for linking this to The Keybunch Carnival

  10. Gorgeous Rachna and what an art form it is.

  11. Absolutely awesome..!! First one is my Favourite..Simply superb.
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  12. This is awesome Warli Rachana, very thoughtful and and very well made..I have already taken inspiration from yours and tried my own version, will showcase soon...

  13. Amazing works of warli art !!

  14. Rachana Saurabh madam

    Beautiful Warli paintings patterns and designed created by you. they are amazing.

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