Friday, July 22, 2011

"Padma" - Madly in Love

Padma - Madly in Love
(Acrylics on 14" x 11" Canvas)

In my previous post I asked my readers to suggest a name for this painting. 
****Thank you....****

 I loved this two the most, Padma and Piya Bawari.
 "Padma" means Lotus, and she is madly in love with her beloved and waiting for him (Piya Bawari).

These two are just perfect with this art-work. 
A Lady near Lotus pond, waiting for him..!!
Thank you Nisha and Sharkara for helping me.
Ladies, e-mail me your address, and I'll send you its print.. :)

The Print of this painting will be on my Etsy Shop soon..!


  1. awsome work rachana...luv the strokes in lotus...yeah missed the chance of winning this nice prints just with "ini"padhmini...padhma.will try to get ur loving prints in future.:)

  2. Both the names are perfect for the painting!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous Rachana:) What beautiful colors and the names work so well:):)

  4. This one is soooo beautiful !!I very nice work Rachana
    I was waiting eagerly to see and the wait is so worth it.

  5. Luv ur new header,it suits the blog,ya padma name is good :)

  6. Thank you all...
    Thanks Kala, Radhika
    @ Saheli, prints will be soon on Etsy shop..
    @Sarmistha, you will see it directly soon..!
    @ Notyet100, Thanks for visitng my blog after so long..!

  7. Yayyyyyyyyy! I won .....Thank You Rachna.....I am so very excited that you selected the name and the icing on the cake is that I will receive a print :) ..I am all smiles ...Will mail you my address soon ...and would eagerly wait for the print :) Thank You!

  8. rachna im super excited to receive this...thx a lot dear...iam so lucky to receive ur next post will be reg ur artworks...

  9. This is beautiful...saw your work before on house on ashwell it.

  10. The painting came out beautifully! As always, Nice work Rachana!
    Loved the names too....Alas, I did not win a print:(

  11. an AWARD for you Rachana..
    visit my blog for details...

  12. Hello Rachana.. How have you been?? Another stunning painting.. truly adorable..

    Thanks for always being a part of the weekend wrap up.. means so much to me!! :-)

    Have a fab week ahead of you!!

  13. expressive eyes and stunning work


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