Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just an Update : Suggest a name for this painting

Its like I am updating my next painting after years..!
I have started this one, Lady with Lotus..
But still thinking a good name for this.. Some-thing like....
Please suggest me..! 

Just done with basic colors... But I like this edited pic too..
I will post the complete one very soon..!!
And if you find any name that match with this, Please share with me too..


  1. a stunning painting, Rachana.Its very beautiful.
    Many names flooding me..'Brinda'(surrounded by many in sanskrit),
    'Padmashri', 'Vandana' or maybe just simply 'shree' :)

  2. beautiful art waiting to see the completed one...padma=lotus... Padmakshi,Padmagriha,PadmaMalini(lotus like eyes),Padmakali all suggestions for this gorgeous lady...

  3. Hey Rachna, beautiful painting, How about "Piya Bawari", it means madly in love with her beloved and waiting for him, let me know if you liked it.

  4. Wow...!!
    Thank you guys.. Lovely suggestions..
    I like Brinda, Shree is different..
    Some lotus related... Padma, Kamalakshi.. And Piya Bawari,madly in love..! Love them..! Hmmmmm... lets announce something here, the name I'll choose, that person will get a print..! hows that..???

  5. Wow...that's definitely an incentive! My suggestion- Kamal Nain or Kamal Naina ( eyes like a lotus petal).

  6. yeah...actuually women divided into four categories.hope u know?among them lotus like women specified with the name "padmini".check this..

  7. Awwww you like 'brinda':)
    Waiting for your work to finish.
    It's always such a pleasure to see your paintings with lot of excitement.


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