Monday, August 9, 2010

Ganesha - A hanging miniature Painting

Hello People..!!!
Here I am with something new, "3 miniature hanging Painting of Ganesha"
Mount : Canvas Board
Size : 5"x 7" Each
Medium : Acrylics

This a series of miniature painting of Ganesha..!! Which one can hang on the wall too..!!
This are different incarnation of Ganesha, describing his name..!!
There are different 108 names of Ganesha, but here I have done only 3 of them.
Above one is called "Vakratunda" which means Vakra (Curved) Tunda (Trunk/Soond).

This one is called "Ekdantam" which means Ek (One) Dantam(Tooth).

"Gajanan" means Gaja (Elephant) Anan (Countenance), or Elephant faced God..!!

To put this three on frame was not suitable as per the concept so I thought to do something that can put all three togather..!! and I added a hanging string (Nadachadi) with cute bells in bottom..!!

Here you can see the details as well..!!

Well, I'll be back with something new next time..!!

Be Safe & Think Creative..!!

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