Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Guest Post : A Special friend - Patricia from Colours Dekor

I am so happy to Introduce Patricia Torres.
 Patricia and her blog "Colours Dekor" are so very popular on blog land.
  "Patty" is a special friend of mine, she is always there to help me. Or I can say if you know me and my work, its all with her help. Thanks Patricia, for being a wonderful part of my "CreationS". I am lucky to have you.

I always wanted Patricia to do my first Guest Post, and here is her post.. :)
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Hello my lovelies... I'm so thrilled to be doing a guest post for Rachana for the 1st Anniversary of her blog 'CreationS - The Essence of Arts'....
I have a little secret to share... I'm not really a trained artist, or a professional designer.. I like colours and simply love to play with colours... I've got truck loads of DIY ideas in my head... but time is not really my good friend... and I'm usually juggling and fighting to complete everyday chores... which puts DIYs and paintings at the backstage of my life... *smiles*

Today I'll talk about a few DIYs and painting jobs I've done... The above cabinet in my girls room got a makeover one weekend... sometime last July!! I call it 'the happy cabinet'... coz we changed a brown cabinet to a colourful garden of butterflies and flowers...
Just around the same time, we drew ballerinas on one of the walls in the girls room... The other three walls had butterflies... Have a look at my girls room makeover!!
I've been dying to paint lotus' on the wall of my living room... But I haven't had the time to conceptualise anything.... Its still a dream!! This is what we did over a weekend in my old home...
My brother, my cousins, my friend and I.... changed my living room wall into a peacock... I had seen this image in the newspapers ages ago... When we were thinking of what to do on the wall.. I painted this on paper first... It looked lovely.. so all of us .. then worked together and put it on the wall.. Most of the artwork, and sketches is done by me... the bold stripes is done by my brother using normal water based wall paint... for the rest of the peacock we used acrylic paints, the intricate crayon and colour pencil work is done by me and my friend...
Hope you like my paintings... Do hop on to Colours Dekor for more....
Here, I'd like to say... Congrats on completing a year.. Rachana... Hope you have more successful years of painting and colours... Your work is truly amazing.. so keep up the good work!!


  1. congratulations rachna...great to see patty here...she is an amazing lady :)

  2. truly amazing post.You are right Patty is a wonderful soul :)

  3. Hmmm patty you never cease to amaze. I for one have to try my hands at my first DIY yet. Good to know your blog Rachana.

  4. Thanks Patty for all your support and help..!! :) I am lucky to have you..


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