Friday, June 10, 2011

New look to the Blog..

Trying to give a new look to "CreationS".
I was searching a Template and found Very famous 3 column "Minima Template" .. :)
Its good, but hard for a Food technologist (That's me ) to work on WEB design.
Did you liked the changes so far..???


  1. Something missing or lacking ,rachana in this .can't figure blog also missing in favourite blog list :(.

  2. Looks professional.But pls pls put back that smiling and welcoming face of yours that u had in the previous on:)That's the only thing missing :)

  3. Thanks Sarmistha..
    Just added that.. :)
    Learning for some more changes.. :)

  4. sarmistha got it right ,s we missed ur smiling it truly added colour to ur new look.


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