Friday, June 24, 2011

Megh : A portrait of sweet memories..!

Megh - Actylics on 9 x 12 Canvas Paper.

Meet Megh, a very close friend of mine. This is her portrait in "CreationS" style.
Her actual name is Meghna, but I call her as "Megh".
attended her wedding last month and this is portrait describes all that memories..!
Her unique Peacock Jewelry, my favorite, was the easiest way to create her Portrait. 
And trust me she agreed when she saw this painting first time. 
The day I finished this, I surprised her with its first PRINT,
and she said, "Hey that's me..!!"
 I Love peacock, and that's why this is one of my favorite too..!!
*** Love and Hugs***


  1. luv this work.both paintings and ur friend ,gorgeous.

  2. Nice portrait--like the concept

  3. lovely blog and extra ordinary work...

  4. Your art is so gorgeous! I love how you have captured your friend's earrings and necklace:):)

  5. amazing art...ur arts are simply superb ur blog vl follow this

  6. oh my!! what a lovely portrait... Its gorgeous!! Rachana.. You are truly talented.. wow!!

    I love love peacocks too... :-)

  7. so gorgeous. I love your art.



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