Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And a final look to the Blog..

Here I come up with final look of blog. 

It took me same amount of time, effort and above them all same amount of art as my painting project.
Here is some highlights of my new blog.***Smiles***
  • Website header with one of my favorite paintings - "Radha Krishna - A divine Love"
  • Website logo starting with Lord Ganesha.
  • Added some cool colors.
  • Three column Minima Template.
  • Slide Show of my recent painting posts.
Hope you like this.I love to here your suggestion & comments. 


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  2. Now it's looking cool rachana.i just luv the bkground and especially the header.

  3. loved it sooo much !! absolutely worth all the time u spent..great work !!

  4. It looks stunning, reflective of your own art!
    I just loved the way you incorporated the Ganesha in name, nice work!

  5. Very Nice Header Rachana, doing absolute justice to your blog...and what creativity!

  6. Thank you all..!!
    @ Neha, Thanks dear.Saurabh created that Ganesha, and yes..its looking sooo good..

  7. Absolutely grand!! Your blog looks fabulous,so much informative and colourful exactly what your painting depict ...happy and colorful.I l am loving it :)

  8. Creative in ur hubby too :).

  9. Looks very lovely especially the sides!!!

  10. great work Rachana. I am planning to work on my blog design too! Where did you get the minima temlate?

  11. Thanks Purnima..!!
    @Radhika, I have sent u an mail with the details.. :)


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