Monday, June 6, 2011

Guest Post : Very Creative - Resham from Art for Everyone

If you are looking for some kid friendly art-project check Resham's Art for Everyone.
I love her blog because she has some nice and easy craft ideas..!
Check the one she is sharing with us today..!

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Hey Rachana, congratulations on the 1st anniversary of your blog.
 I love your blog, and your creations. Someday, I am gonna try making a panihari woman too, but maybe with some other medium. 

Well, I wanted to do something fancy for your blog, but I didn't have any art supplies, except for some poster colors. So, I just used items that I could find at home to create this Mayan bird. 

I came across an American Indian bird pattern many months ago. 
I wasn't sure how to bring that black and white pattern to life till last night. I could all of a sudden see bell clips going in one place and buttons in another. I could see the beer bottle cap in the center and embroidery threads for the neck and the legs. So, this morning, I just got up and got going. I am not too happy with some parts of the bird, but overall it has turned out close to what I had visualized. Hope you like it!
Resham Mukherjee

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