Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shringar - Miniature work

Shringar - Acrylics on 2" x 3" Canvas , 

I completed this painting last week, but sharing here today.. :)
Shringar is my very first miniature painting, 
a mini version of my old painting of my learning days( inspired one) which I never shared on my blog.. :)
"Shringar" means the adornments of a Woman for beautification.

This one is on 12" x 16" Canvas, and the miniature is one is on 2" x 3" canvas..!!!


Working on 2" x 3" canvas was very exiting. 
And the tough job was to take its clear picture with my Cam..!
Many Thanks to my favorite brush, it helped me alot.

Check the pic I shared on Facebook just after finishing this painting on June 5 at 5 AM.


  1. Wat an fantastic work...unbelivebly nice!!!


  2. Wow Rachana ,this is so much different from your other works.but totally fanastic.I love the gold finish on the ornaments.very intricately done.keep it up, R:)

  3. Simply beautiful!!

    Great work in recreating your own art!!!

  4. Gorgeous work, Rachana...LOVE it!!! It takes a great lot of effort to do a miniature! Bravo!!! All your works are great... excellent!I love Indian themes a lot. Currently working on Radhakrishna...something like your header picture!

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  5. gorgeous!! gorgeous!! You are super talented Rachana.. Good luck!!


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