Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sorry for delay

Dear Readers..
Sorry for delay in posts.
We just moved in a new home and facing some Inter Net problems,
So I am not able to connect with you.

Sorry, and when everything will be fixed,
 I will be posting my paintings in the frequent way..

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lotus Bloom

Hello Readers..!!

Lotus Bloom, my new painting from a random search photograph
My first one of Lotus love was Lotus Blossom, and it was pretty than this one.
I'll be honest, I still feel, something is missing with the background, 
Lotus is perfect, but not satisfied with background.

Well, you can see all the images with details and can suggest me whats missing there..! 

Lotus, as I said, its perfect..
All Patel's and its shading, ohhh.. I loved that,
but whats wrong, I don't know..!

I'll be back with something new..!!
Still don't know what my next project will be.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cute Anemone Flower

Hello People....!!

Cute Anemone Flower
Mount : Acrylic Paper
Medium : Acrylics
Size : 12" x 12 "

Anemone is very cute flower, which we can find generally in Spring.
These days I am experimenting with in flowers, and when I was searching flowers for my next painting, I came across to the Chalk Pestle Anemones by Janie of ragamuffins, and her study of Anemone flower she shared in Sept 2007.
I Loved her Chalk Pestle Anemones & I was so inspired to make it in Acrylics..!

Study of flowers is always awesome, and that what I learn from my inspiration..!
I will try it the way she did..!!
Every Patel, leaf has its own identity just like human.. (That's what I felt when I started this)

I did my best to enhance its appearance & cuteness..!

Pink flower are always cute & these are Japanese Anemones, & they has to look Cute.

And this is my experiment in photography..! (Still learning)
Sunlight coming from Window frame & darkness of paper on floor..!!

I learn with many inspiration, and I am trying to do my best whatever I do for my artwork.
I'll be back with my next post.. These days I am studying "Lotus Flower".
Please check my new blog "CreationS - Back to Basics" where I will share how I completed my Artwork, and other Craft project. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Orange Lily Flower

Hello People..!!!

After a long week-end I am here with Lily...!
Mount : Canvas Frame
Medium : Acrylics
Size : 11" x 14"

Such a long time..! One week..! I am being Lazy.. :(  I completed this on 23 Nov and posting it today.
Well, Lily is one of my favourite Flower & of course my attempt to make it best..
 And I still need to do homework for that..!

On this rainbow background I wanted to make something which can look best on it..!
And I thought to make Lily..!! And Orange colour actually look good with the background..!

And in all these Images you can see all the details..

Details of leaves, and they also stands out with the background..:)

Well, I will try my best to post a new painting soon..!

Be safe & think Creative..!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Creations is on Rang Decore..!!! :)

Hello People..!!!!

How Amazing it feels when some one Feature your work on somewhere you never expected..!!
Rang Decore is the Photography blog, that I am following, and On Janmastami I made one painting from her photograph..!!!
Many Thanks to Archana, she commented on my work and also feature it on her blog "Rang Decor" .

Adding some Images from that..!!! It was Published on Nov 16...

             My painting and her Photograph...!!

And Here is the Comments....

Once again...You can also check the link below to read more....

Be safe & think Creative...!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Three Tulips

Hello People...

Wish you and your Family Happy Diwali & Happy Prosperous New Year.

Posting Three tulips,
Mount : Canvas Frame
Size : 11" x 14"
Medium : Acrylics

Actually,I completed this last weeks but was not able to post it.. :( Sorry for delay..!
You can see all the details in this Images..

Well, I will post something new with some new inspiration..!!
Be safe & think Creative..!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Work In Progress

Hello People....

This is my new "Work in Progress" Tulips.
Working to make a new one from the real Picture...!!

I will post the Complete one very soon..!!
Be safe & Think Creative..!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Lession - One Stroke Painting


A New task of the day..!! A new lesson.. One Stroke Painting.
Little difficult technique to achieve the perfection..! :(
 and I am still learning... :)

My first Attempt... (Image below..)
(Sorry for Darker Looking Images)
Here comes the second Two....


And as they says Practice makes Man Perfect..
 Here is the one I can say I Learned a new Technique..!!
Leaning new technique, Part one Completed..!!
Part Two is coming Soon...
Be safe and think Creative..!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Colour Splash

Colour Splash - Mount : Canvas Board,Size : 16" x 20 ", Medium : Acrylics

Here I am with something very interesting and Kid-friendly..!
This is my most favourite technique that develops amazing texture on surface with Acrylics medium.
You can see all the details in these all images, and the best thing is when you touch the surface u can feel the shape and depth of the surface.
Many colours on same plane,
And this time I tried not just mixing but I have created some uniform patterns with it..

here in the image below, you can see the depth of surface on canvas..

Its simple, Fun and something new for your kids..! 
Give it a try..! But take care, it will take some 24 hours to dry.
 I'll be back with something new again
Be Safe and Think Creative..!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Snow covered Path : Memories of last winter

Hello People..!!!

Winter is on its way..!! and here is the memories of last winter..!!
Mount : Canvas Frame
Size : 11" x 14"
Medium : Acrylics

You can also see the detailing in all three imges..!
Path covered with snow..

Trees and bushes.. all covered with snow..!!

I'll be back with something new next time..!!
Be safe & Think Creative..!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Wheal & its Calf in Deep Sea

Hello People...!!
Here I am with my new experiment of creating Wheal with its Calf on Canvas..!
Wyland teach very simple way to create such beautiful painting.
Mount : Canvas Frame
Size : 16" x 20"
Medium : Acrylics

A View of Wheal & Calf returning from water surface to Deep sea..

You can see the details of Wheal in the Image below..!!

I just loved detailing of eye..! I could not believe the way it became so live...

Well, I'll be back with something new in my new post..!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Taj Mahal -The Pride of India

Hello People..!!

Here I am with the attempt of Creating "Taj Mahal" on my canvas..
Mount : Canvas Frame
Size : 16" x 20"
Medium : Acrylics

Taj - the beautiful monument of Love, Built on river bank of Yamuna in Agra. The finest example of Mughal architecture at its peak, and recently voted one of the Seven new wonders of the World.

And the detail of reflection....

I'll be back with something new next time...
Be Safe & Think Creative..!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Resting Boat - A view of summer"

Hello People....!!

Here I am again with my new experiment..!! What it should be named..??
"Resting Boat - A view of summer" was my first thought..!!
Mount : Canvas Frame
Size : 16" x 12"
Medium : Acrylics

Two boats resting after a long journey..!! At calm & nice beach in nice weather..!!
Just making a story..!!!
You can see the details of painting in the images below..!!
My big Yellow boat..

My Red boat..! A friend of Yellow boat..!
And the nice weather..!! Clouds & Tree, also shadow of Tree...

As the summer is about to end, just few weeks left now, we gonna miss beach & boat ride..!!
I'll be back soon with something new in my next post..!!
And as I always say, Be Safe & Think Creative..!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lotus Blossom

Hello People...
Here I am Lotus Blossom...
Mount : Canvas Board
Size : 9" x 12"
Medium : Acrylics

We all know about Lotus flower..!!
Pink Lotus with black background looks even more Beautiful...!!
And a try on working on small scale / miniature painting..!!

You can see all the details in images below..!
The details of Leaves...

Details of Leaves & water.....

All the things that makes this painting so beautiful..!!

Check my next post with something new..

You may like this ..!!

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