Monday, March 28, 2011

Memories : Sketch / Paintings from my school days.

(View of Kerala - July 1998, Acrylics on fabric)

We always feel happy & good when we see our old memories.. 
Some old photographs, school books or sketchbooks.
And I felt the same when I find some of my school time paintings & sketches from my cub-board.
 From an early age I have always had a strong interest in art, craft & Embroidery. Awards & rewards were in my my side too... And today I am sharing some of my favorites..!!
"Vasant / Spring time" - April 2002, Water colors on paper

"Panihari" - July 2003 - Pencil colors on Paper

Dancing Ganesha - August 2003 - Pencil Colors on Paper

"Madhurima" - July 2004 - Pencil Colors on Paper

"Sneh" - July 2005 - Pencil Color on Paper
Every painting is special to me..!! And may be my future subjects...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Holi : The festival of Colors

"Holi : The festival of Colors" - Acrylics on 12" x 12" Acrylic Paper

"मत डारो पिचकारी। मैं सगरी भिजगई सारी॥
जीन डारे सो सनमुख रहायो। नहीं तो मैं देउंगी गारी॥
भर पिचकरी मेरे मुखपर डारी। भीजगई तन सारी॥
लाल गुलाल उडावन लागे। मैं तो मनमें बिचारी॥
मीरा कहे प्रभु गिरिधर नागर चरनकमल बलहारी॥"
Happy Holi to all my colorful readers..!!!
Holi (Basant-Utsav) is a religious festival celebrated mainly in India to welcome the season of Spring
 But the famous region for Holi celebration is Brij, Land of Lord Krishna. According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna started the tradition of playing with colors during the festival.

These days the commercial aspect of celebration has led to an increase
 in the use of synthetic colours. But traditionally the colours are made of Neem, Kumkum, Haldi, Bilva, and other medicinal herbs prescribed by Āyurvedic doctors. 
The spring season, during which the weather changes, is believed to cause viral fever and cold. 
The playful throwing of natural coloured powders has a medicinal significance. For wet colours, traditional flowers of Palash are boiled and soaked in water over night to produced yellow coloured water, which also had medicinal properties.

You can read some more things about "Holi" form Wikipedia too..
With some more colorful painting, I will be back soon..
Take care and have Happy Colorful Weekend..

Monday, March 14, 2011

Radha Krishna - A Divine Love

Radha Krishna - A Divine Love...
 "यमुना किनारे कान्हा बंसी बजावे, राधा दोडी चली अवे"
Means, " The sound of Krishna's Flute is Call for Radha"
And that's what this painting is all about.!!

There are so many tales and stories of Radha Krishna.
"Radha Krishna, One soul two bodies.."
The relationship of Radha-Krishna is the embodiment of Love, passion and devotion. Krishna is the soul of Radha and, Radha is definitely the soul of Krishna. Radha is undivided form of Krishna.
One can not understand or explain their Love,
But Radha and Krishna are the Best example for Love..
Both Radha and Krisha Loves Lotus,
and here I have shown Lotus at bank of river "Yamuna".
As per Indian mythological traditions "Krishna" is the perfect man. 
"श्याम सुंदिर वर घनश्याम" means "The lotus-eyed, dark skinned Krishna"
Edited picture actually explains that..!!
Hope you like this one...!!
See you soon..! Take care..

Friday, March 11, 2011

CreationS on "Colours Decor"

I am super exited to share that today
"CreationS" is feature on one of my favourite blog "Colours Dekor".

Colours Dekor is a space to share beautiful home ideas from YOUR home... that can inspire anyone.
Patricia loves colours and innovative ideas,and she believe, You don't have to be a designer to live in a home filled with character!!

I loved those sweet words Patricia wrote for me..
and loved that sweet comments from her friends for my artwork...

Check "Colours Dekor" for easy innovative ideas for your home..
 And if you have any new idea, Share with her on her blog..!!
I'll post my new painting soon...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Friends : They've make my home come Alive..

Meet my new "Friends".
Acrylics on Three canvas frame, 18 " x 24" each.
We just moved in a new Apartment and I wanted some new paintings on wall.
I have started with Living room where main colours are Black & Red. And Four friends, playing Hide & Sick" made our room so Live..

Starting from the left Part...

And its Detailing, closer look of two friends...!

The center painting...
Blue eyes, & Resting her hand on the curve..! 

And the last one..!!!
looking from a corner..!!
And my favourite...!! Gray eyes...!!

For my wall these "Friends" are good, but I have to extend this to give my wall perfect look..
I have not name them yet..!! So name you suggest..!!

So will add one more frame to this very soon..!!
Hope you like this one...Take care..!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just another Sketch : "Goddess of Flowers"

Converting a thought in Sketch..!!
"Goddess of flowers"

I was watching an Old Indian movie "Aarzoo" and
when I listen its song "Phoolon ki rani baharo ki Malika" , I thought for this sketch.
The first line of the song means "Goddess of Flowers".

Edited this photograph, learning photoshop.. :)
Well this sketch is still in Que for final painting,
because I am working on "Friends" right now..!!

Take care guys..!!

You may like this ..!!

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