Monday, February 28, 2011

Kanya Viday - An Emotional Farewell...

Kanya Viday - An Emotional Farewell...
Acrylics on 12" x 12" Canvas paper.

Kanya Viday / Bidaai is the Hindu customs in which after marriage, the bride walks out with the Groom from her parent's home into a new world to lay the foundation for an entire new life with new family and a different environment. The tears of joy and sorrow can be witnessed not only on the daughter's face, but also on the Mother's.
And that's what I have tried to express by this painting. Actually this one is for my "Mom".

"Years of bonding and a separation within minutes."
It's hard to describe that feeling her daughter being sent off which runs through a mother's mind and the emotions which fill her heart. Unimaginable it is to see a mother cry and smile at same time by hiding her tears.
When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts.
A mother always has thought twice, once for herself and once for her child. A daughter is a mother's gender partner, her closest ally in the family confederacy, an extension of herself.

In Gujarati they say "દીકરી તો પારકી થાપણ કહેવાય" ( Dikri to Parki thapan Kevay )
Which can also means – "The farewell of a daughter is inevitable".
You can Listen that incredible song by link below..

For all detailing, a closer look, And a touch of Gujarat this image explains more..!
Many "Thanks" to my friend 'Abhishek Diwan', who helped me to explain this painting by words.
Do let me know about Your thoughts and comments for this one.
I Will be back with something new with my next post..!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Morning Thought - Sketch of Two Panihari

I was thinking of new subject, and I found it..!!
My "Morning Thought" - "Two Panihari"
Just a rough sketch, for reference..!
Will start working on it now..!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dulhan : Waiting for him

"Dulhan : Waiting for him"

Acrylics on 12"x12" Canvas Paper

To potray "Indian bride" is not so easy, because of her dressing and lots of Jewelry.
I felt "Waiting for him" tital is so perfect with this,"Dulhan",
so I named it, "Dulhan - Waiting for him". 

 and as you can see words of a very beautiful Gujarati Gazal "Aafrin" by Pankaj Udhas,
"શાંત ઝરુખે વાટ નિરખતી રૂપની રાણી જોઇ હતી"
Means "A beautiful woman was eagerly waiting for him "

And here is Meaning of the song by words,
શાંત (Shant - Slient, quat) ઝરુખે (Zarukhe - Window) વાટ (Vaat - wait ) નિરખતી (Nirakhti - looking for) રૂપની (Roop ni - Beautiful) રાણી (Rani = Queen, Woman) જોઇ હતી (Saw)

And here is the video... I love this song.. its just so beautiful...

And here is the closer image..!!!

I hope you love this one..!!
I have prepared my next painting countinuing "The Wedding" sequence,
and it is on "Bidaai". I'll post it soon..!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Baarat / Bidaai : My Big project

Hello Readers..!!!
I am back with "My big Project - The Baarat / Bidaai"
7 Canvas frame size 24" x 30" each, makes 14 feet long one continuous painting.
The painting is so big, I have to edit individual painting photograph to make one painting.
And you can see this on wall of  "Spicy Garden Indian Cuisine" in Maryland.

This is Baarat / Bidaai scene, in Indian Mughal Art.
Where King is taking his Bride to home, People / Relatives / Helpers are also part of it..

Starting from Left, Senapati / A Man on Horse holding a flag.
The Senapati is protecting Bride & people. And Flag shows the King family is on their way.

The Horse..! White, and with Royal decorations..!

And Here come the man with Flag..!!

The next painting is showing People / Relatives.

Detailing of woman & her Jewel..
Two man, One protecting with  A metal Fight weapon..

  The next is the one who needs all the protection, "The Bride".

And detailing of  Doli & The Bride..!!

A closer look to Bride..!
Her face, all Jewel & everything..!! My favourite part of the entire painting..!

Then the man who carries the Doli,

I take care to give every man a different face & attitude.
That you can see in all the images.!

The Forth one shows Bride-mates, Women who can't stop talking..!! :)

Have a Closer look....!!!! But let me tell you, that's fun..!

And in next painting, one woman is looking behind,
 to see everyone is following them or not, or may be you can say, she wants to involve in the talk too..!!
In this painting a man is holding sun guard for king.!
Woman has some food / Flower in her Basket..!
And a young Boy ..!
And a man who holds Sun-Guard for King..!!!
And next comes the King / Groom.. On an Elephant.
Mughal King On his Shahi Savari (Royal Carrier)

And his Detailing of an Elephant..
And the King, holding a Rose in his hand..!!
And the last painting of this series..!! Two guards, holding flag..!

And their Detailing..

Seven painting, and I really don't have words to explain..!!
My Big Project has ended, and Now I can complete my "Dulhan"..!

I will post my "Dulhan" very soon..!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Wedding : My Big Project

Hello Readers...!!!

Such a long time...!! Ohhh.. Its more than two three weeks...!
But Now I am so exited to tell you why I was not able to post anything..!
And "My Big Project" will fill that long gap with this longest post..!!! All my Painting and its all small small detailing..

This is "My Big Project", that I am doing for an Indian Restaurant " Spicy Garden" which is located in Maryland, USA.

To give different look to the Restaurant, we added some Indian Flavour on tits wall in terms of Indian Style painting, describing Indian Traditions...!
And what will come to your mind first except "Indian Wedding".
 Indian style wedding is World Famous now so we took that as "Theme".
For that I have to make 14 canvas of size 24" x 30" each.
I have done "Wedding Scene" on 7 Canvas, and rest 7 is a "Baarat /Bidaai Scene". 
I have chosen "Mughal Art " style, belong to North India for this, as I think Its perfect for this Project.

So Here I Proudly Present "The wedding".
I really don't know where to start, Because 7 big size frame, I even can not click a perfect picture togather..!
For my Above Picture, ( All 7 togather) I have to edit them, to make my complete Painting.
Thats me (Below Image) with "My Big Project".

 I am starting from left side..
This is the inner area of Palace, where the Wedding ceremony is held.
You can see Palace area, its terrace , Window & Royal style Curtain..!

This Image Below is "Band Baaja", The musicians.
Three musicians with different instruments, Nagada & Shahenai.

To see its Details, check images below...

No wedding is possible without "Band Baaja", so its my small attempt
to show that..

And every wedding has some Witness, .. Are "Baarati" Bhai,
and Indian wedding without "Pandit", not possible..
So the next painting is showing Baarati groom Groom side & Priest...

And to see its details, here is the detailing part..
 Some Flower shower for "Mangal Fera"..
The Priest,Pandit Ji so important, so he has his Aasan & Shlok book in his hand.

Wedding scene without Bride & Groom..!! Not possible...
So the forth painting, the center piece is Bride & Groom..
"Mangal Fera" in presence of everyone & Agni Dev (Fire).

I have tried to show some traditional things like Kalash (Pots) with Green leaves, & Mandap with Banana Leaves..!!
And here is detailing of Bride..!!
Traditional red & green dress and all jewelry..!!!

The Groom with Royal Blue drees & Holding Rose.
And "The Knot" - indicates relation "Husband & wife".

And here you can see All detailing of Mandap,
Banana Leaves & Pots with Leaves.
The next painting, is witness from Bride Side and Priest..!

And Woman will be Woman, they can't stop talking & gossiping..
Well, that's the beauty of nature & its My favourite part of the entire Painting.
I just love this image..!!
Detailing of Flower Basket.. It has some flower there..!!

The Priest.. with Mantra book in his hand..!

Next painting is also with musicians, but from Bride side..!!!
They have Dafli, Sitar & Dhol..!!

Painting Woman is always fun for me..!!
and I really enjoyed this..!

Woman with Dafli.. where The instrument is the connecting part between two painting.

Woman with Sitar..... Ahh.. I was very confuse if this colour will look good or not, but it worked..!

Woman with Dhol... And I experiment with Hair Braid..!
It looks really nice..!!

And the last painting is another part of the Palace,
with terrace & window, with Royal style of curtains....

Well, my project has not Ended here...
Still 7 paintings to come...
These days I am trying to finish it as early as possible, so that I can compete my "Dulhan"...

I'll post "The Baarat / Bidai" very soon....
Take care ..!

You may like this ..!!

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