Thursday, June 30, 2011

Something apart of painting : Hand sculpted Fashion Jewelry

This is was a secret..! But not now.. 
Something I never shared on my blog..!**Smiles** 
But a friend suggested to share all my creativity on my blog too.. So..
Apart from painting I am doing alot art and craft work, to keep my self busy..
for example I am  making & selling this Hand sculpted Fashion jewelry..
Well, this neck-less is called as "Ocean Breeze".. Something for summer..!

Love this Blue-Blue Contrast combo..! 
I love making them, its fun and you can make that comes in your mind..!
To buy this or my any other fashion jewelry, 
send me an e-mail at

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Megh : A portrait of sweet memories..!

Megh - Actylics on 9 x 12 Canvas Paper.

Meet Megh, a very close friend of mine. This is her portrait in "CreationS" style.
Her actual name is Meghna, but I call her as "Megh".
attended her wedding last month and this is portrait describes all that memories..!
Her unique Peacock Jewelry, my favorite, was the easiest way to create her Portrait. 
And trust me she agreed when she saw this painting first time. 
The day I finished this, I surprised her with its first PRINT,
and she said, "Hey that's me..!!"
 I Love peacock, and that's why this is one of my favorite too..!!
*** Love and Hugs***

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shringar - Miniature work

Shringar - Acrylics on 2" x 3" Canvas , 

I completed this painting last week, but sharing here today.. :)
Shringar is my very first miniature painting, 
a mini version of my old painting of my learning days( inspired one) which I never shared on my blog.. :)
"Shringar" means the adornments of a Woman for beautification.

This one is on 12" x 16" Canvas, and the miniature is one is on 2" x 3" canvas..!!!


Working on 2" x 3" canvas was very exiting. 
And the tough job was to take its clear picture with my Cam..!
Many Thanks to my favorite brush, it helped me alot.

Check the pic I shared on Facebook just after finishing this painting on June 5 at 5 AM.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And a final look to the Blog..

Here I come up with final look of blog. 

It took me same amount of time, effort and above them all same amount of art as my painting project.
Here is some highlights of my new blog.***Smiles***
  • Website header with one of my favorite paintings - "Radha Krishna - A divine Love"
  • Website logo starting with Lord Ganesha.
  • Added some cool colors.
  • Three column Minima Template.
  • Slide Show of my recent painting posts.
Hope you like this.I love to here your suggestion & comments. 

June 15 : Lunar Eclipse

Some Awesome click of today's Lunar Eclipse...
The images were so good, that I can't stop my self to sharing them here..!
Great Click by my very good friend Abhishek Dewan.

Monday, June 13, 2011

And the Winner is.....

 Helloooo Monday....
Thank you all for participating in the First Birthday of "CreationS",
I love all the comments and appreciation :) *** Hugs*** 
Now its time to announce the winner ....
I have chosen the winner randomly, and the image explains how..

And the Winner is "Anshika"

Anshika, Congratulations!!!
You have won 8 x 10 Size photo print of "Panihari - The water woman of India"
 Now Please send me your Address at

Once again, BIG KISS n HUG to all who participated
you guys made this event SOOOOOOoo special!!! THANK YOU  

Friday, June 10, 2011

New look to the Blog..

Trying to give a new look to "CreationS".
I was searching a Template and found Very famous 3 column "Minima Template" .. :)
Its good, but hard for a Food technologist (That's me ) to work on WEB design.
Did you liked the changes so far..???

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sketch : Shiv-Shakti - Deezden Style

My dear Creative readers,
Thank you so much for your good wishes and your love for "CreationS". **hugs & Smiles**
And I will announce "Give-away" winner on Monday,13 June..

This is a rough sketch of my next painting, "Shiv-Shakti". 
When it comes to God-Goddess painting, the first thought that comes to my mind is this, (The image below)

This style do not need any introduction or specification..
This is Dithi's signature style. Dithi, my inspiration and my favourite artist.. 

I invited her to write a guest post during celebrations, but it was not possible due to her busy schedule.
But we hope to read her post here on "CreationS" very soon..

Monday, June 6, 2011

Guest Post : Very Creative - Resham from Art for Everyone

If you are looking for some kid friendly art-project check Resham's Art for Everyone.
I love her blog because she has some nice and easy craft ideas..!
Check the one she is sharing with us today..!

* * * * * * * * * * 

Hey Rachana, congratulations on the 1st anniversary of your blog.
 I love your blog, and your creations. Someday, I am gonna try making a panihari woman too, but maybe with some other medium. 

Well, I wanted to do something fancy for your blog, but I didn't have any art supplies, except for some poster colors. So, I just used items that I could find at home to create this Mayan bird. 

I came across an American Indian bird pattern many months ago. 
I wasn't sure how to bring that black and white pattern to life till last night. I could all of a sudden see bell clips going in one place and buttons in another. I could see the beer bottle cap in the center and embroidery threads for the neck and the legs. So, this morning, I just got up and got going. I am not too happy with some parts of the bird, but overall it has turned out close to what I had visualized. Hope you like it!
Resham Mukherjee

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Guest Post : Mona Jain from Quilling Ideas & Water Colors

I was looking for some quilling techniques, and I found Mona's Blog.
Mona blogs at  Quilling Ideas and Water ColorsShe makes amazing paper art-work, and they actually looks so cute.. It looks easy but hard to handle that delicate paper stripes. I have asked Mona for one more guest post where she will teach us step by step.
Here is Mona's post
* * * * * * * * *

My name is Mona. I am an architect by profession but a crafter by interest.
 I used to work for an architect but had to quit when economy went into recession. It has been well said that everything happens for good and for a reason...:) The good that came out of my unemployment was that I started looking at some other avenues to spend my free time. I joined some hobby classes in my neighbourhood. I enrolled for pottery class in the beginning and thoroughly enjoyed working with clay. Watercolors followed the pottery. During this time, I came across this art of paper filigree called quilling. Bought some basic supplies from a local craft store and it has been a fun ride ever since.

I was looking for some inspiration for my next painting on the Internet when I came across Rachana's blog. Her paintings immediately struck a resonance. Her paintings are so expressive and an absolute joy. I would like to thank Rachana for giving me an opportunity to write a guest post for her blog and become a part of her art journey.  To celebrate her blogversary and wonderful art work, I thought what better way than to contribute a painting and celebrate the painter that has inspired us both.  Following is Jamini Roy's Lord Krishna with Radha that I did with watercolors:

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce to  Rachana's friends and followers the fascinating art of quilling. This unique form of art involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. Following are some of my quilling projects:

I would like to thank Rachana once again for inviting me to be a part of her blog. I wish her success and may her art work reach places.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

CreationS is now on ETSY..!!

 "CreationS" is now on Etsy..!

I have just set-up the store and I've started with PRINT of "Kanya Viday",
Here is the link..

And a new banner for ETSY shop..! Did you liked it..??

Guest Post : Radhika from House on Ashwell lane!

Meet Radhika, She blogs at House on A Ashwell Lane!
She has some creative ideas to design and decorate your home..!! And they are very Unique..!
And here is her Post.. Enjoy..!
* * * * * * * * *
Hello everyone!!
Radhika here, from House on Ashwell lane!

A little about myself.
I have a degree in software Engineering but always had a passion for Design. Once worked in the software industry, I now enjoy being a stay at home to my 4 year old daughter and blogging! We just bought a townhouse in CA and I am having a great time decorating it!
My blog is a place I can share my inspirations, Easy doable DIY ideas and ways to organize your house. I also share projects that I do around the house. My goal is that my house should reflect the personalities of the people living in the house.

This is the first time I am guest bogging! I am so happy Rachana asked me to guest blog here. 
Enough said about me. Here are some of my favorite posts.

* *A glimpse of my house * *

A pegboard organizer I made for my daughter's room
I will be revealing my daughter's room and bathroom and our dining room very soon!
Here are some of my favorite posts.  I am sharing small snippets of my favorite posts.

you can browse the idea gallery for more home decor ideas.
Come visit me at House on Ashwell lane !!! I would love to see you all!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Guest Post : A New friend - Priya from Once Upon A Tea Time...

I met Priya in Feb 2011, when I asked her to feature "CreationS" on her blog.
And I remember she sent me an e-mail with the link in next week.. Well, that was a surprise of that morning..!
I really wanted to have Priya's Post and here she is with her post..!!!
* * * * * * * *

Hello! My name is Priya and I blog at Once Upon A Tea Time..Design Stories
I started blogging over two years ago- it was more of a personal diary first, a storehouse for my memories.

 But, slowly it has changed to a space where I share my passion for interior design, beautiful fabrics and amazingly creative people.  I was born in India, brought up in the Persian Gulf region and have lived for the last 15 years in the US. I want Once Upon a Tea Time to reflect the same global feel rather than belonging to a particular country or style. I love blogging and can’t imagine a day without it. 

I called the blog Once Upon A Tea Time because teatime is my favorite time of the day- a fat book or a magazine accompanied by a cup of hot ginger chai. I would like to think that anyone visiting my blog would be tempted to grab a cup of tea and settle down to read. The best part of blogging has been meeting so many wonderful people. 

Thanks for inviting me to be part of your beautiful blog, Rachana!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Guest Post : Very Talented - Sarmistha from Gharonda

Meet Sarmistha a very talented friend of mine. She just started her blog Gharonda.
I love her work and the way she has created her own identity.
And Today She is sharing a DIY project with us.
* * * * * * *

Hello!! to all my dear readers of  Creations - The Essence of Arts.. A very hearty congratulation and many ,many good wishes to you Rachana , on completion of your blog’s 1st anniversary.
I’m Sarmistha from the fairly new blog Gharonda. I was more than delighted, ecstatic to be precise when Rachana invited me to be a guest blogger in her beautiful space--- CreationS - The Essence of Arts  , while she celebrates her blog’s first anniversary.
I found decorating blogs while searching for decor ideas mainly Indian . Here, I chanced upon Rang Décor and was enchanted by Archana’s beautiful blog. I soon discovered others… of peacocks and paisleyscolours dekor, , thekeybunch.commy dream canvasCreationS - The essence of arts are just to name a few. I read their posts daily and left a comment here and there.It became a morning ritualJ.After several months I had the courage to start my own blog. I was encouraged by the kind words of Gagan . Patricia passed me a few tutorials (My pics in the post look bigger and attractive now, thanks PattyJ).
I chatted with Rachana , an immensely talented painter.The bold color, the clarity of expression in the face of her drawings and perfect depiction of the mood of the themes she was creating are just to name a few things about Rachana’s paintings that make them all so very beautiful. I had the lucky opportunity to see one of her amazing painting "The Wedding" first hand. Simply beautiful and amazing art work is the only descriptive I can use for her creativity .
It is so much fun to be a part of the blogging family.I am glad I found you all J
A small DIY of a wooden jewellery box ,painted and decorated, from my side to show Rachana that I love and admire her paintings and will cherish this new found friendship with her and all my lovely friends out there for a long , long time ….
And then......

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Guest Post : A Special friend - Patricia from Colours Dekor

I am so happy to Introduce Patricia Torres.
 Patricia and her blog "Colours Dekor" are so very popular on blog land.
  "Patty" is a special friend of mine, she is always there to help me. Or I can say if you know me and my work, its all with her help. Thanks Patricia, for being a wonderful part of my "CreationS". I am lucky to have you.

I always wanted Patricia to do my first Guest Post, and here is her post.. :)
* * * * * * 
Hello my lovelies... I'm so thrilled to be doing a guest post for Rachana for the 1st Anniversary of her blog 'CreationS - The Essence of Arts'....
I have a little secret to share... I'm not really a trained artist, or a professional designer.. I like colours and simply love to play with colours... I've got truck loads of DIY ideas in my head... but time is not really my good friend... and I'm usually juggling and fighting to complete everyday chores... which puts DIYs and paintings at the backstage of my life... *smiles*

Today I'll talk about a few DIYs and painting jobs I've done... The above cabinet in my girls room got a makeover one weekend... sometime last July!! I call it 'the happy cabinet'... coz we changed a brown cabinet to a colourful garden of butterflies and flowers...
Just around the same time, we drew ballerinas on one of the walls in the girls room... The other three walls had butterflies... Have a look at my girls room makeover!!
I've been dying to paint lotus' on the wall of my living room... But I haven't had the time to conceptualise anything.... Its still a dream!! This is what we did over a weekend in my old home...
My brother, my cousins, my friend and I.... changed my living room wall into a peacock... I had seen this image in the newspapers ages ago... When we were thinking of what to do on the wall.. I painted this on paper first... It looked lovely.. so all of us .. then worked together and put it on the wall.. Most of the artwork, and sketches is done by me... the bold stripes is done by my brother using normal water based wall paint... for the rest of the peacock we used acrylic paints, the intricate crayon and colour pencil work is done by me and my friend...
Hope you like my paintings... Do hop on to Colours Dekor for more....
Here, I'd like to say... Congrats on completing a year.. Rachana... Hope you have more successful years of painting and colours... Your work is truly amazing.. so keep up the good work!!

You may like this ..!!

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