Friday, November 15, 2013

Durga : The Goddess of Supreme Power

Imaginations will always draw you in the directions of your dreams. 
When I wanted to draw her on my canvas, I imagined her - 
as a cute innocent girl, with lots of love in her eyes and sweet smile on her face. 

I put all my efforts and creativity to meet my imaginations and turn them in a real picture, 
and today I am proudly sharing my "Durga" 

"Durga"  : The Godess of Supreme Power. 
Durga (Sanskrit: दुर्गा); meaning "the inaccessible" or "the invincible".
 The Supreme form of Shakti,empowered by all the Gods, to end all Evil.

Durga : The goddess of Supreme Power 
Acrylics on  8" x 10 " Canvas

I am popular with my use of bold and bright colors, but this time I have tried to change my style a little bit. For this painting I have just used the Primary colors - Shades of Red, Yellow and Black. with a very little use of white and Blue.. A small attempt to work with limited colors.. And I am glad with my effort.

I competed Durga's portrait in last month, but I was not happy with it. Because Lion, lotus, trishul and her favorite bird Parrot was not there.. There was very small space and so I took a long time to fit all those small small elements in this painting with the restriction in use of colors. 

I created Durga in another form today - Necklace for my clay creations Mitti Designs.

Ardhanarishvara : Shiv-Shakti Necklace.

I feel great I am still connected with you all through my art.
Let me know, drop your words / suggestions - leave me a comment.. I'll be happy to see your response.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Durga : New painting in WIP

Every day a new thought born and every day we thought to make it alive..
I am doing the same, painting all my thoughts on my canvas, keeping my creativity alive..

Navratri just ended last day,but my new thought born on the first day of Navratri..

I was on my work table, thinking for a new painting of Durga.. and my imaginations took me at a divine site...
I visualized a cute innocent girl standing in-front of me, looking at me with lots of love in her eyes, 
there was a sweet smile on her face, her beauty was extreme and infinite... It was red everywhere and a ray of light brighten everything... 
"Jay Mataji!! ",.. my first words, I closed my eyes and bowed to the supreme power... 

It was just a thought before this sketch... But I felt her presence in real..

Durga (Sanskrit: दुर्गा); meaning "the inaccessible" or "the invincible"
The Supreme form of Shakti, empowered by all the Gods, to end all Evil.

With every brush strokes I am falling in love with her, admiring her beauty, and telling my self, put some more efforts to enhance her beauty what you have just imagined....

Durga : The Goddess of Supreme Power.. 

Stay connected, I will share the final work soon... :) :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

My recent feature and started new painting : Krishna My true love :)

Hello my dear readers !

So many things going on around and I am updating my few recent work, WIP..

This month I am starting with my recent feature. I was honored by "Indian Weekender" newspaper of Newzealand to share a little story about me and "Krishna" for Janmasthmi celebration. 
It was a great feeling, I got opportunity to share my art with Indian community of Newzealand and I have received bunch of love and greetings from them. 

I shared my last painting on Janmasthmi, and I made sketch for my next painting on that day only!
Its like my every year task that I make one Krishna painting on every Janmasthmi, and this year I didn't break that.. Like always I will take time to finish it. 
Krishna, sketch

Season of festival has started, and Ganesh Utsav is going on.
It was a random thought and I jumped to make what I imagined. I started painting on clay, and made this Ganesha Ring. 

 This ring has original painting, measures approx 25mm :) A miniature painting on Ring. I was amazed how my random thought turned out so beautiful!

I will keep updating my work.. 
So stay connected and Don't forget to say Hello when you stop by..
 Leave me a comment, I'll be happy to see your visit.
Take care guys. :) :)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Sakhi - A dear Friend - The Color version :)

Hello my dear readers!
Things always turn the best with patience..
This is my second painting (I guess) I made with lots of More than 4-5 months.. :)
But that works the best in creating such a great master piece..

Presenting my final painting, My lovely ladies - "Sakhi - A dear friend" in Color :) :)

Experimenting with colors this time.. 
And choosing back-ground was a biggest challenge.
I tried more than 4 colors for it.. finally I fall on Magenta :) 
I love love love this color, it just enhanced its look.. What you think????

Friday, June 21, 2013

Recent work

They say Artist's life is very interesting, every small thing an artist does has some meaning!!
World of an artist is so dramatic, so complicated.. And that's how they create a best master piece..

My small accident has created a big change in my life.. I have started reading ..!!
And as a result,sharing above lines..I don't know who thinks that, but when I look in my daily routine it was all normal, like others... :) I am happy happy.. I am still an ordinary person..

I am advised to not to paint till 2 more months, but I can not stop my self to create something really good..
My messy work table has proof how much I miss my painting.

Since I am not making any painting, I got enough time to work on my clay creations.. 
I have a different blog for "Mitti Designs", but I have failed to update it regularly, managing its facebbok page is easy, you can see my updates here..  Mitti Designs Facebook link.
Sharing few images..
Tribal Designs

Earth Pendent
Warli Art necklace
 Customized Cake topper 

Switch plates for Kids room

Indian Embroidery Inspired  collection

And my favorite Flower collection

If you like my work, Don't forget to Hit Like on my facebook page :)
Stay in touch..

Monday, June 3, 2013

There is a Give-away.. on My dream canvas

Hello my dear readers, 

Glad to see me back blogging and saying Hi, regularly?? Well, I am happy too... :) :)

This Monday I am joining "My dream canvas", who is hosting a fabulous giveaway..
And two lucky winners will get pretty Ikat Frames from Arcadian Home 

Exited... well I am super exited :)
Like every giveaway you have to follow few simple steps.. Ready???

Here are the rules for the Giveaway:
Two lucky winners will be selected to win 4 of these stylish frames from Arcadian Home.

1. This giveaway is open to United States and Canada residents only. 
2. It can be only ship within continental US (48 states). If the winner lives in Hawaii, Alaska or Canada, the winner must pay the additional fees that may incur.
3. You would need to be a follower of My Dream Canvas via Google Friend Connect. 
For additional entries (one extra entry for each of the following):
1. 'Like' My dream Canvas on Facebook and leave a comment.
2. 'Like' Arcadian Home on Facebook and leave a comment.
3. Follow Arcadian Home on Twitter and leave a comment.
4. Follow Arcadian Home on Pinterest and leave a comment.
4. Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment.
5. Blog about this giveaway and leave a comment.
The winner will be chosen via I shall announce the winner on 10th June 2013.

Good luck everyone.. I'll see you soon

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just wanted to say Hi!

I am not a person who like to read..
I am just like others who just brows those images and hit like if it really catches my eyes.
Its true, we all are same!

But today I was reading an article, where writer has described a fact with an ease.
That inspired me... again, to see my art and my blog as a reader and not like a person I use to write my post.
I think that article was for me! You what it was about?? That article explains "Why most artist's blogs fail.."
He is right, may be after taking such a long break, I have forgot world of blogging, my blogger readers and blogger friends. Also the people who admire me by saying I inspired them.. 

Well they says Its never too late..
I am working on it guys.. :) :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Celebrating of 3rd Birthday of "CreationS - The Essence of Arts

Good morning my dear lovelies!!

We are turning 3 this year, Yey!!! I never recognized my this baby is growing too fast.. 
June 1st is a special day for "CreationS", I started this blog, and my identity as an Artist.

Three years, Thank you my dear readers for all your love and support and specially your appreciation,
Without your support I may not able to reach this world.

This year I have planned to celebrate our 3rd birthday entire month of June-2013
And as a gift we are giving away Prints of my originals .. 
This June you will receive a Free Print of my  painting with your every purchase.

Get ready for your treat guys, Only four days to go....
June starts this Saturday!!
And don't forget to share.. :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

WIP : Sakhi - making it in Color

Hello my dear readers!!

My last post was about my new work Shiva, but something is stopping me to finish it..
I big confusion and not satisfied with my work I have put it on hold..

Mean while I get clue what is missing there, I have started my next painting..
Many readers asked me to make "Sakhi - A dear Friend" in Color..
And I am making it once again..

Sharing a WIP picture with you! 
Its almost complete.. And these ladies look pretty in color version..

Stay connected to see final painting.

*** These days I am receiving many spam comments.. 
This is an Art blog, and I would appreciate if you drop words about my art.. !!

Friday, May 3, 2013

New work.. Now in progress

Hello my lovely readers !

Its always good when you feel good...
 and I feel extremely good when I dream about my next painting and start work on it.. 
Sharing glimpse of my next painting.
I am sure you have got an idea..but wait for the final one.. 

Stay in Touch....

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Krishna praises Radha

Hello my dear readers...

My new painting, the most awaited one.. Ahh.. it feels good to be back on blog.
I started this last year in June, and I am glad I have finished it only in 10 months!!

I love Radha-Krishna, and their inspirational love-stories. 
And in this painting I have shown a sweet moment of their love.

The story behind this painting is commonly seen everywhere.. रूठना-मानना ..

Radha and Krishna always meets on the banks of river Yamuna. 
They meet, laugh, and spend hours there. 
Krishna's Flute is call for Radha.. "कान्हा बंसी बजावे, राधा दोडी चली आवे"
His music always create magical environment in Vrundavan.  People of every age, animals and the trees would stand and melt listening to the melodious note of his flute. 
Gopis love Krishna and his flute, and Krishna is always surrounded by Gopis . 
One day Radha sees Krishna laughing and playing with other Gopis. She became angry, and went back.
 Krishna found out jealousy on Radha's face and he started praising Radha...

rachana saurabh

This lines of my very favorite Gujarati song was so perfect for this painting..

તને જાતા જોઈ પનઘટની વાટે, મારું મન મોહી ગયું ,
તારા રૂપાળા ગોરા ગોરા ઘાટે, મારું  મન મોહી ગયું ...

 Where Krishna says.. "When I saw you on the bank of Yamuna, I fall in love with you.."

It feels so good, finishing and sharing this painting. I am so exited..
With Radha and Krishna I can not forget their favorite Peacock.
Peacock feathers as a back-ground and peacock staring at Radharani..

Prints of this painting will be available soon on my Etsy shop.

The song I have added in this painting is very old Gujarati song sang by "Mukesh"
Sharing its lyrics and video link .

તને જાતા જોઈ પનઘટ ની વાટે, મારું મન મોહી ગયું,
તારા રૂપાળા ગોરા ગોરા ઘાટે, મારું મન મોહી ગયું .

 કેડે કંદોરો ને કોટમાં દોરો, 
તારા લેહેરીયાની લાલ લાલ ભાતે, મારું મન મોહી ગયું

બેડલું માથે ને મેહંદી ભરી હાથે, 
તારા ગાગરની છલકાતી છાંટે, મારું મન મોહી ગયું

રાસે રમતી, આંખને ગમતી, 
પૂનમની રઢીયાળી રાતે, મારું મન મોહી ગયું

તને જાતા જોઈ પનઘટની વાટે, મારું મન મોહી ગયું,
તારા રુપાળા ગોરા ગોરા ઘાટે, મારું મન મોહી ગયું.

I hope you like my work..
Please leave a comment below..
See you soon..

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Asking for Justice when Niharika Sharma stolen my Painting

Hello my beautiful readers...
Its been a year and I am sharing my pain today.
 I wanted to share it with proud but today I am asking for justice.

A very few people know that Niharika Sharma - A fashion Designer copied my painting (Panihari) for her collection in WIFW 2012-Spring Summer without my knowledge and permission.

Today after a year I am sharing my pain when I never heard back from her after words.
It was my fortune that one of my readers informed me that my painting was on ramp. Images on Times of India conformed. When I contact the designer, Niharika Sharma, she accepted that she has used my painting for the collection and promised to give credit. Out of her 8 dresses Niharika used my painting in 3 dresses, she got good response and her collection was sold-out in many countries.
I am sharing screenshot of the e-mail where she accepted that she used my work, 
and she will give credit to me.. Sadly she never did.
All the 3 dresses she made with my painting.
I am adding screenshot of the web-site where I found images.
This is the Third Dress - She used my work in back of the dress.
Its a screenshot of the official video of the show on youtube. 

I never get credit or compensation for my work. It has happen many times, big designers stole dreams of a small artists and earn name and fame.

The Designer Niharika Shama and her FDCI profile.

I am asking for justice here. 

Please respond to my post and Share. May be your support can help me for justice.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

AadhyaShakti - Maa Amba

Good Morning!
Hello my beautiful readers, how are you doing??
Sharing today final painting of  Aadhyashakti-Maa Amba (Durga)

As I mentioned in my previous post, they wanted the painting to be like photograph provided, 
so I tried to make it just like it. :)
Sharing that picture too....
I tried my best to justify this image, Initially I was not confident..
As I have never made anything exactly same, this is not my style.. 

But I managed  :) And I am happy for my work..
For me its important that even in my busy days I am managing to keep my hand steady on my canvas. 

And Finally its me, giving final touch-ups..
Varnish - to give that nice gloss! 

I hope you enjoyed my post after such a long break.
Well now you know that I have been lazy and I'll keep you wait for my next post too..
Have a nice Day!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Maa Amba : Commissioned work in Progress

Hello my dear readers!!
ભૂલી ગયા કે શું ???
Its been 2 months I am updating my blog! 

Facebook is in fashion and may be one of the reasons delaying in posts here. 
Well, like they says "देर आए दुरुस्त आए।"
These days I am working on so many projects, honestly I wanted a break.. :)
Along with baby my work in "Mitti Designs" keeps me busy too.

One of the work in progress is Maa Amba (Durga).
Its a commissioned work I am doing for a Gujarati Family.

 My messy work table!! 
As you see they don't want it in my style, but like the image they have sent!
This was a though work as I have to make it the way it is!
And I am trying to meet their expectations!!

Its about to finish now.. and without doing any delay I will post the final painting.
Keep in touch!! 
This time I will meet you soon.

You may like this ..!!

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