Saturday, March 16, 2013

Asking for Justice when Niharika Sharma stolen my Painting

Hello my beautiful readers...
Its been a year and I am sharing my pain today.
 I wanted to share it with proud but today I am asking for justice.

A very few people know that Niharika Sharma - A fashion Designer copied my painting (Panihari) for her collection in WIFW 2012-Spring Summer without my knowledge and permission.

Today after a year I am sharing my pain when I never heard back from her after words.
It was my fortune that one of my readers informed me that my painting was on ramp. Images on Times of India conformed. When I contact the designer, Niharika Sharma, she accepted that she has used my painting for the collection and promised to give credit. Out of her 8 dresses Niharika used my painting in 3 dresses, she got good response and her collection was sold-out in many countries.
I am sharing screenshot of the e-mail where she accepted that she used my work, 
and she will give credit to me.. Sadly she never did.
All the 3 dresses she made with my painting.
I am adding screenshot of the web-site where I found images.
This is the Third Dress - She used my work in back of the dress.
Its a screenshot of the official video of the show on youtube. 

I never get credit or compensation for my work. It has happen many times, big designers stole dreams of a small artists and earn name and fame.

The Designer Niharika Shama and her FDCI profile.

I am asking for justice here. 

Please respond to my post and Share. May be your support can help me for justice.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

AadhyaShakti - Maa Amba

Good Morning!
Hello my beautiful readers, how are you doing??
Sharing today final painting of  Aadhyashakti-Maa Amba (Durga)

As I mentioned in my previous post, they wanted the painting to be like photograph provided, 
so I tried to make it just like it. :)
Sharing that picture too....
I tried my best to justify this image, Initially I was not confident..
As I have never made anything exactly same, this is not my style.. 

But I managed  :) And I am happy for my work..
For me its important that even in my busy days I am managing to keep my hand steady on my canvas. 

And Finally its me, giving final touch-ups..
Varnish - to give that nice gloss! 

I hope you enjoyed my post after such a long break.
Well now you know that I have been lazy and I'll keep you wait for my next post too..
Have a nice Day!

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