Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Taj Mahal -The Pride of India

Hello People..!!

Here I am with the attempt of Creating "Taj Mahal" on my canvas..
Mount : Canvas Frame
Size : 16" x 20"
Medium : Acrylics

Taj - the beautiful monument of Love, Built on river bank of Yamuna in Agra. The finest example of Mughal architecture at its peak, and recently voted one of the Seven new wonders of the World.

And the detail of reflection....

I'll be back with something new next time...
Be Safe & Think Creative..!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Resting Boat - A view of summer"

Hello People....!!

Here I am again with my new experiment..!! What it should be named..??
"Resting Boat - A view of summer" was my first thought..!!
Mount : Canvas Frame
Size : 16" x 12"
Medium : Acrylics

Two boats resting after a long journey..!! At calm & nice beach in nice weather..!!
Just making a story..!!!
You can see the details of painting in the images below..!!
My big Yellow boat..

My Red boat..! A friend of Yellow boat..!
And the nice weather..!! Clouds & Tree, also shadow of Tree...

As the summer is about to end, just few weeks left now, we gonna miss beach & boat ride..!!
I'll be back soon with something new in my next post..!!
And as I always say, Be Safe & Think Creative..!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lotus Blossom

Hello People...
Here I am Lotus Blossom...
Mount : Canvas Board
Size : 9" x 12"
Medium : Acrylics

We all know about Lotus flower..!!
Pink Lotus with black background looks even more Beautiful...!!
And a try on working on small scale / miniature painting..!!

You can see all the details in images below..!
The details of Leaves...

Details of Leaves & water.....

All the things that makes this painting so beautiful..!!

Check my next post with something new..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An Inspiration - Celebration of Janmashtmi

Hello People..!!!
How are you all..!!
Something new this time tooo.....

Mount : Canvas Frame
Size : 16" x 20"
Medium : Acrylics

As festival season is up in India, this is my small attempt to Create something new again..
This painting is inspired by "Rang" The blog I am following, and Archana took this on Janmashtmi, Birthday of Lord Krishna.
You can see the Actual Image below taken by Archana.

A flower on the Lamp (Kodiyu) and tiny feet of Lord Krishna.
Colours of the Image are so good, that I decided to make it..!

And you can see all the detail of the painting in these images..!!

Thank You "Rang" , Thank you Archana for inspiring me to create something new..!!

Be Safe & Think Creative..!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Peacock - Full of colours

Hello People....!!

Here I am with "The Peacock" - Full of colours.

Mount : Canvas Frame
Size : 18" x 24"
Medium : Acrylics

This is beautiful Indian Peacock, A bird with all vibrant colours, and ofcours "A National Bird of India".
At my learning stage, I have try to put my best to Create this as beautiful as it is.

You can also see the colour patterns and all nice colour patterns that attracts everyone to it.

Again this is one of my preserved paintings.
I'll be back soon with some new paintings very soon..

Be Safe & Think Creative..!!

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