Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Taking Break :(

Hello my dear readers!!

These days I am juggling between my new one and my Art.. 
And I am not able to manage both to-gather.. Right now my newborn needs my full attention and I don't want to miss any precious moment..
 So finally I came with this decision.. Its sad, but I am taking break for few months.

I am so sorry but I will come back soon with some really good paintings..
Take care!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My new Creation - "मिट्टीDesigns"

Hello my dear readers..!!!
Happy Vijayadashmi!

Its hard to find time these days for my blogger friends.
Well, my daughter is three months today and I am not able to concentrate on my paintings!!!!

But I got chance to enhance my "Clay Creations" 
Remember my earlier posts regarding my polymer clay creations???
These days I am working on my clay projects and as a result presenting

"मिट्टी Designs"- My clay Creations!

My hand sculpted Polymer Clay accessories and Jewelry ready for sale.
Please visit my new Etsy shop "मिट्टीDesigns" for more information and designs! 

I hope you guys would love my new "Creation" :)
I am finding my time to start my painting again..! Till then I will post my Clay creations!

Take care and Happy Dashera !!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

And the Winner is...

My dear blog readers, A big Thank You for your response and taking part in the give-away.
I am touched and I don't have words to explain my feelings when I read your lovely comments.
Thank You So much!!
I know I know, those who has responded on Give-away post are waiting for result.

And the winner is Sarmistha from Ethnically Chic

 Congrats dear Sarmistha.
I hope this print will brighten up your living room's wall. :) :)  
Please e-mail me your address !!

I am glad I just found this amazing website RANDOM.ORG

Once again Thank You my beautiful readers..
I will post my new painting very soon **I hope** :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Give-away on the arrival of my lil princess "Aadhya"

Such a long time..!! But my days are moving like seconds..
It’s Party time. I am enjoying a new phase of life – Motherhood.

My cute little princess "Aadhya " is one month old now!!
One month!! Ahh, days passed like seconds.. 
Kids are little miracle, bunch of Joy. Life is so amazing with them.
I mean yes - in all aspects,including my favorite line "I am exhausted!!
But little wonders are always wonderful.. :)

For the great celebration, I am announcing an exiting Give-away..!!!
And the give-away is a Print of માતૃત્વ (Motherhood) (8"x 10" Photo Print)

And to win this Give-away all you need to do is...

★ Comment on this post. and become a follower of my blog (on the sidebar) and leave me a comment.
(Already a follower, simply leave me a comment.)
 ★ Like my Facebook page.
★ If you are a non blogger, please leave me your email address in your comment… I’d love for you to participate as well.
★ If my work inspired you to create something, leave me a comment and send me an e-mail of your work.
Commenting will be open for a 15 days after which I will choose a winner :) :) 
Winner will announce on 13 Sept 2012..(Just like last time)
The Give-away is FREE and participation is not just limited to India :) 
So where ever you are, comment away and like my page and you are all set!!!!

All the best Everyone !!

*** Please announce the giveaway on your blog/ Facebook page, this will also help other people join in the ‘give away’.*****

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Days of Summer !

This painting is inspired by my dream..
Days of summer, Mango tree and lots of birds singing!!
These days I am missing my childhood summer days badly...

Sharing some Lines from my husband's diary...

નથી ભીંજાઉં મને ચોમાસા ના વરસાદ માં,
ભીંજાઈ જવું છે મને ઉનાળા ના તાપ માં.
કોયલ, મોરલા ને પોપટ ના સાદ માં,
આંબે ખીલેલા મહોર ની સુવાસ માં,
ભીંજાઈ જવું છે મને ઉનાળા ના તાપ માં.

Monday, June 25, 2012

About my next Project!

Its summer time in USA, but in India monsoon has given its attendance!
My next project is based on my dream.
Summer, lots of mangoes and birds singing on tree.
Few weeks back when I called my Mom in India, I heard sweet voice of Cuckoo bird.
And the same night I had this dream!
I am sure people who lives out of India miss India for one or other reason!

Well, I can not go home at this moment, but I am trying to catch my dream on Canvas.
Have A Happy Summer !!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sakhi - A Dear Friend!

Everyday we meet many people but among them we make few friends!
Friends are special, And I would say If Some one stays with you like your shadow in your  happy or tough moments, is your best friend.
In Sanskrit "Sakhi" use for a "Female Friend".

Sakhi - A Dear Friend, Pencil on 11"x15" water color Paper (140lb )

I have never work work pencil, infect pencil shading is something I never tried. You have seen my previous sketches, even I am surprised that how I made it only with pencil.!!!

The one thing I loved most is their expressions, they came our so good, just the way I wanted.
One is holding a bird with Pride and her friend is supporting her like her shadow!
Their eyes explains everything. Even the individual images of both ladies is out of my imagination.

You can buy this Print from my Etsy shop.

Now my next project is be to make them in Color.
Will see you soon guys, Take care.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2nd Birthday of CreationS and Sneak peek of my Baby-Shower

Hello my dear readers!! How are you!!
A big thank you for your Great support and appreciating my work in last two years. 
I am so Happy that my blog has completed its 2nd year, and  hope your support will be there always.

Today I am sharing something with you!!
Except my friends and family a very few people knows May 6 2012 was my Baby-shower.
An *honest* reason, why I am not able to concentrate on my work and Blog.
Sometimes due to my health and most of the times creating something for the event.
Our life is about to change and I am very much exited for that.
I wanted to do many things (creative) but I was able to make only few what I planned..

Because its a surprise, decoration was in Blue and Pink.
And we made all the decorations in Bird's theme .. That was the combined idea.
Table center-piece, Origami Birds on tree branch was a Hit,
Thanks to my friend "Bhavia" who made all those lil birds and made my idea possible.

Diaper-Cake is very famous these days for center-piece.
I was searching for DIY instructions and I found Diaper Bike.
So I choose Diaper bike for my cake table. has super easy instructions, and here is the one I made.
(Excuse me for looking too tired in this picture.)

And finally the Cake, my first baking experiment.
Trust me, Its something that I can never make. 
Before function, I made three cakes just for trial, and this was my final one.
I made this cake because of my cake-topper idea.
I had this thing in my mind since day One.
Two birds (like us) debating "Its a Girl" / "Its a Boy" (Just like us).
And it turned out so Cute, when I finally assembled every-thing. 
Just missed one thing, 
Two small tags near bird's head, like they are fighting, "Its a Girl" "Its a Boy".

May 6 was the fun day for us, a day full of surprises.
Function was super good, Many thanks to Our friends who surprised us with their dance sequences.
I will share their dance Videos soon..

Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Sketch - Lady with Parrot

Last Sunday was my Baby-shower, 
and I took such a long break for its preparations and now for rest.
No wonder I have been lazy these days :)

In my break time I made this sketch, Lady with Parrot.
Old Hindi movies can be a great source of inspiration some times, Open hair and heavy wind..!!

When Lady and Parrot comes in mind, I remember Dithi's Art..
She makes it the best.. I Love her style..
And for this painting I made her hair like Dithi's "Durga"

Well, lets see when I will work further on this.. 
My first target is to complete Radha-Krishna painting. :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Sketch.. Radha - Krishna

My new sketch of Radha-Krishna.
Adding one more Krishna in my painting list...


I fell in love when I saw this image on a friend's FaceBook profile,
and I decided to make the same in my style..

I will update when I reach to its next step :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Maaya : Magic in her Eyes

Hello my lovely readers! 
With no further delays, Presenting "Maaya". Lady with magical eyes.

"Maaya " - Acrylics on 9" x 12" Canvas Board.

"Maaya" was my perfect pick for this one I guess. 
When we meet some one first time, the first thing we want to look "whats in his eyes!!" 
Honesty, Love, Cheat.... or...anything.

For woman, that magic in her her eyes always works. And I think Magical eyes and rain, this combination is enough to kill (attract) someone. I want to know how many of you actually agree with me!

One more thing I learned while making this, Rain-drops. I was so scared to make them on this painting, because I was not so sure how it will work on it. But after completing I was 100% happy with my experiment.

That's my reflection on my computer screen. 
I was thinking how my inspiration picture turned in this beautiful "Maaya".
This painting actually inspired me to create a new series of "Maaya", and I will start working on it.

I hope you loved this. 
If yes, Please don't forget to add your comment and share my work.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Those eyes has one more story : New Sketch

I have been lazy these days, more focusing on other things than my lil blog.
That's bad, I know.. 
So, for a good re-start, here is my new sketch...
And my inspiration....  My own picture...

I don't know why but, I found this picture very interesting. 
Let's see how my final painting would be !!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nav-Vadhu : The Bride

Hello my beautiful readers!
Sharing you my new painting "Nav-Vadhu : The Bride".
I completed this before 3 weeks, but I have been lazy these days, so sharing it today :) 
Nav-Vadhu : Acrylics on 9 x 12 Canvas Board 

This time I have done something new,
Can you see those Embossed Jewelry detailing? I tried it first time :)

Prints are available on my Etsy Shop :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Sketch..

A new sketch of Dulhan (Bride).
With some change...
This time I experiment with nose, more like natural...

What do you think, how does it look...??

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Murli Manohar (Bal Krishna)

I took such a long time,**Almost 4 months** to complete this painting.
Finally presenting "Murli Manohar" - मुरली मनोहर 
( Bal -Krishna )

Acrylics on 16" x 20" Canvas

Govind, Gopala, Murli manohar, Makhan chor.. Krishna has many name.

But he always describe with flute.
Krshna and his flute.. The divine music that attracts every one, birds, animals, gopika (Vraj Bala)..
Here I have added all his favourite.. Birds, Peacock, Cows, Rivar Yamuna, and Lotus.

Now you can see every step of this painting, from blank canvas to Final in my video..
I hope you would like it too..!

And at last my picture.. Well, it was not complete when Saurabh clicked it :)

Take care my Beautiful readers..!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year..!!

Dear CreatioS readers,
We wish you and your family a very Happy New Year..!!
And A BIG Thank You..!!
 For your support and appreciating my work in past two years.

You may like this ..!!

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