Monday, June 25, 2012

About my next Project!

Its summer time in USA, but in India monsoon has given its attendance!
My next project is based on my dream.
Summer, lots of mangoes and birds singing on tree.
Few weeks back when I called my Mom in India, I heard sweet voice of Cuckoo bird.
And the same night I had this dream!
I am sure people who lives out of India miss India for one or other reason!

Well, I can not go home at this moment, but I am trying to catch my dream on Canvas.
Have A Happy Summer !!


  1. You are so right Rachana...we do miss mangoes and all the heady atmosphere associated with it...and if one is connected with small town or village then the charm is so strong...I did a small work on it too...I must say you glowed more on your baby-shower day... this work is beautiful if it is complete.

  2. Thank you everyone !
    Jyoti, this is not finished yet!! This picture is just a part of a painting. Remaining, will post soon.!


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