Friday, November 15, 2013

Durga : The Goddess of Supreme Power

Imaginations will always draw you in the directions of your dreams. 
When I wanted to draw her on my canvas, I imagined her - 
as a cute innocent girl, with lots of love in her eyes and sweet smile on her face. 

I put all my efforts and creativity to meet my imaginations and turn them in a real picture, 
and today I am proudly sharing my "Durga" 

"Durga"  : The Godess of Supreme Power. 
Durga (Sanskrit: दुर्गा); meaning "the inaccessible" or "the invincible".
 The Supreme form of Shakti,empowered by all the Gods, to end all Evil.

Durga : The goddess of Supreme Power 
Acrylics on  8" x 10 " Canvas

I am popular with my use of bold and bright colors, but this time I have tried to change my style a little bit. For this painting I have just used the Primary colors - Shades of Red, Yellow and Black. with a very little use of white and Blue.. A small attempt to work with limited colors.. And I am glad with my effort.

I competed Durga's portrait in last month, but I was not happy with it. Because Lion, lotus, trishul and her favorite bird Parrot was not there.. There was very small space and so I took a long time to fit all those small small elements in this painting with the restriction in use of colors. 

I created Durga in another form today - Necklace for my clay creations Mitti Designs.

Ardhanarishvara : Shiv-Shakti Necklace.

I feel great I am still connected with you all through my art.
Let me know, drop your words / suggestions - leave me a comment.. I'll be happy to see your response.

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