Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ganesha - the Lord of Obstacles

Hello People..!!

Here I am with two new Artwork of Ganesha.
Mount : Canvas Frame
Size : 16"x 20" Each
Medium : Acrylics

Ganesha, The son of Shiva & Parvati. As we know Ganapati, Vighneshvara, Vinayaka and many other name Belongs to "Shri Ganesha", the Lord of Beginnings and Lord of Obstacles. His each name conveys a different meaning and symbolise a different aspect of "Ganesha".

I have seen these images on some music album cover called "Ganesh Stuti" when i was in India. And I have tried to create them again, Ganesha playing instruments like Flute & Sitar, imagine Ganesha in different avatar and thinking all music is belongs to them who has created this world.

You can also see involvement of Ganesha while playing the instruments these the images.

Enjoy my next post creating something new with the new day.
Be Safe & Think Creative..!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Santorini Greece - The Beautiful place.

Hello People...!!
Here I am with the view of Greece - the beautiful place on earth.
Mount : 2 Canvas Frame
Size : 18" x 24" Each
Medium : Acrylics

This is the view of Santorini Greece. On Santorini, you can find exquisite beaches, impressive ancient sites and quaint traditionally- built villages and Charming Churches.

As i mentioned earlier, this is my experiment of painting something from a real picture, and I am glade that my experiment was successful.
Each frame has a different view. The is frame I made on 19 July, and after completing this I thought to make other.

I have just completed this second frame today (21 July) and when I am putting this both together, it completes view of Greece, as i wanted...!

You can see all the detailing in the image below..

The church and the mountains in blue-white colours...

And here another church with its different property and with some more colours, as it was in the picture..
Let me know how interesting you find the view of Greece with me.

Be Safe & Think Creative..!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Greece - The Beautiful place on Earth

Hello People...

How was your week..?? Adding something here after so long...
Greece - The most beautiful place on earth, The country in southeastern Europe , The birth place of Olympics, The mixture of Roman & Hellenic Culture.

Well I don't want to put the history of Greece, that yo can find in Wikipedia.
Greece is one of my favourite destination and I love the colours white and blue and their combinations in Greece. White building and beautiful blue water..!! Amazing..!!
Even you can find the beauty of Greece in some of Hindi movies to..!! (I am a big fan of Bollywood-Hindi Movies)

This time my experiment is Exploring colours of Greece, as I am making a view of my dream place Greece.
Check my next post, Colours of Greece with CreationS.

Be Safe & Think Creative..!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Sun

Hello People....!
A new experiment in the task playing with colours..!
The sun
Mount : 2 Canvas Frame
Size : 18"x24" Each
Medium : Acrylics

I have made this painting on two separate canvas, trying to maintaining the same image & having experience of working with the large surface. You can see space which is separating the painting.

A nice experiment & great fun.

Be Safe & Think Creative..!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blue Magic

Hello People...!!
One of my nice Creation is this, Blue Magic.

Mount : Canvas Frame
Size : 16"x 20"
Medium : Acrylics

Well, Blue magic is the name that came in my mind when i finished this painting.
I was learning colour mixing and working with many colours on same canvas, with no boundaries. And I created this....!!

This painting I made in Jan 11 '2010. Lil old painting of mine. Actually I am working on a new painting and its still not complete so mean while I'll post my all paintings I made till date.

So wait for my next post.
Be Safe & Think Creative..!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dancing Krishna - Mughal Art Style

Hello People..!!!
I am back with another painting of Krishna, "Dancing Krishna".
Mount : Canvas
Size : 11"x 9" Oval Canvas frame
Medium : Acrylics & Texture Clay

you can also see the details of the painting in the image below..!
This art is called as Mughal Art or Indian miniature Painting.

I will back with something new in my next post..!

Be Safe & Think Creative..!!

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