Monday, May 5, 2014

The South Indian couple - A customized Art-work

Learning traditions is something I enjoy the most.
Being a Gujarati I am still don't know many of the tradition, so its something makes me curious and I always find a grate interest learning them.

I was asked to make a portrait for my South Indian client. In-fact I loved her idea.
Krithika wanted to surprise her husband on their anniversary... It was their wedding day picture.
We discussed for few days and then she send her few wedding pictures, and explained me some of the traditions and rituals.. I would say I might not be able to make it without her help.

The south Indian Couple - Acrylics on 14" x 16" Canvas

This is the portrait of South Indian Tamil Bhramin / Iyer Couple.
Like every traditions they have their unique customs..
Initially I made one for her before starting my work.. where I add all the elements she wanted..

 And sharing list of the details Krithika explained..

  • Traditional jewelry, hair ornaments, nose ring, waist belt, arm band, etc with bindi in tear drop shape
  • Kanjeevaram silk saree design
  • Mango leaves, banana tree with fruit, Mogra for hair and garlands with rose maybe
  • Gold and Red color in saree is very traditional combo usually-forgot to tell you...

Every detailing made it so beautiful! And my honest efforts to deliver her vision..
This is my last click with the painting, before I shipped it..

I truly enjoy my work, and specially in customized art-work, because its your dream, and I am filling colors in it.

See you soon my dear readers..

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