Monday, April 14, 2014

Dream days in my India..

Hello my dear readers, 

Last month was very special for our family.. because we spent whole month in our beautiful and colorful India..
Its been 3 years for us to visit my family and friends, and this time we visited them with a big surprise, with my lil one first time!!
my Trip was full of excitement and fun, specially when list of things to do in my home-town.. 
Its True -No matter where we live, but your home-town will be always special for you..

I have enjoyed my days there, and also capture many beautiful moments, our customs, culture and people..
Sharing glimpse of my trip in my next few blog post, by sharing some good clicks.

May be what I am sharing here is something not new, but for me they are the moments I lived in that one month and will cherish it for years to come...

Mornings of India - The most beautiful moments.. and I always miss them here.. beautiful mornings..

Birds at trees, 

When the first ray of sun gives glow to the plants...

More memories, coming in my next blog post

Stay connected..!!

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