Monday, September 26, 2011

Krishna - Work in Progress

Hello my beautiful readers *** Smiles***
Updating after such a long time..!! "Krishna "- my new painting project.

Well, these days I am in India for a small vacation so I am not able to post updates of my paintings.. :(
But I will keep posting pictures of my city, and things I love here..
Navratri, the most famous festival of "Gujarat", is starting after 3 days.. 
I will keep you updated...!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

રંગીલી ગુજરાતણ

Colors of Gujarat.. Our Culture and Our Traditions..
And I am sharing them by my new painting..
 "રંગીલી ગુજરાતણ"("Rangili Gujaratan") - The village girl of Gujarat

રંગીલી ગુજરાતણ - Acrylics on 12" x 16" Canvas
(Prints available now on my Etsy shop.)

India has all different colors of tradition and rich culture. And my Gujarat is one of them. 
This time my aim was to create something that has colors of Gujarat.
Village girl in Traditional Ghaghra-Choli, lots of Jewelry, view of village, and my favorite Lotus..
Did you noticed that I am adding "Lotus" in almost my every painting..??

Gujarat is very famous for its "Mirror Work" and "Embroidery".
 For me the most difficult and time taking task was to create that same effect in my painting. That you can see on her sleeve, it has similar detailing. 
Traditional Jewelry are made of Gold or Silver, and they wear even in their routine work. Heavy necklaces, lots of Bangles, Zanzar (anklet), and many jewelry. 
Tattoo is very famous these days, but village people (Man and woman ) of Gujarat are using them since ages..
They have tattoo on their Arm, feet, neck, even on their face.

There are many image of woman in traditional dress that I found on a web-site
You can also see more images there.
I hope you enjoyed all these colors of Gujarat with me..!
"Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat"

You may like this ..!!

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