Thursday, September 12, 2013

My recent feature and started new painting : Krishna My true love :)

Hello my dear readers !

So many things going on around and I am updating my few recent work, WIP..

This month I am starting with my recent feature. I was honored by "Indian Weekender" newspaper of Newzealand to share a little story about me and "Krishna" for Janmasthmi celebration. 
It was a great feeling, I got opportunity to share my art with Indian community of Newzealand and I have received bunch of love and greetings from them. 

I shared my last painting on Janmasthmi, and I made sketch for my next painting on that day only!
Its like my every year task that I make one Krishna painting on every Janmasthmi, and this year I didn't break that.. Like always I will take time to finish it. 
Krishna, sketch

Season of festival has started, and Ganesh Utsav is going on.
It was a random thought and I jumped to make what I imagined. I started painting on clay, and made this Ganesha Ring. 

 This ring has original painting, measures approx 25mm :) A miniature painting on Ring. I was amazed how my random thought turned out so beautiful!

I will keep updating my work.. 
So stay connected and Don't forget to say Hello when you stop by..
 Leave me a comment, I'll be happy to see your visit.
Take care guys. :) :)

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