Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My new Creation - "मिट्टीDesigns"

Hello my dear readers..!!!
Happy Vijayadashmi!

Its hard to find time these days for my blogger friends.
Well, my daughter is three months today and I am not able to concentrate on my paintings!!!!

But I got chance to enhance my "Clay Creations" 
Remember my earlier posts regarding my polymer clay creations???
These days I am working on my clay projects and as a result presenting

"मिट्टी Designs"- My clay Creations!

My hand sculpted Polymer Clay accessories and Jewelry ready for sale.
Please visit my new Etsy shop "मिट्टीDesigns" for more information and designs! 

I hope you guys would love my new "Creation" :)
I am finding my time to start my painting again..! Till then I will post my Clay creations!

Take care and Happy Dashera !!!

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