Sunday, January 26, 2014

Self Portrait - Rachana

I must admit that I took such a long time to share my this painting.
May be I was little scared to share it...

Today I am sharing the painting I completed with so many patience and so many great attempts.
Every artist would try to make self portrait at-least once , and this was my third attempt. 

acrylics, indian art, folk art, Rachana saurabh, self-portrait, portrait
Rachana - Self Portrait - Acrylics on 8 x 12 Canvas

I never thought to make self-portrait until I took my this picture for Mitti Design's  Zumka earrings collection..
As I mentioned earlier, I always wanted to make my portrait, but every time I ended up mt thoughts
after making sketch.. But this time sketch was so perfect and I was so happy to take next step..
Sharing picture of initial sketch.

I always had fear of spoiling it, so I didn't add any extra things in it. I just wanted to make it perfect.. :)
After so many thoughts and lots of patience I finished this painting on the New year's evening.
And took time of some 20 days to finally share it with you all..
 Parakeet was not the part of my initial sketch, but I always had a feeling of something is missing in my work.. And my husband's imagination of Parrot saying something to me, completed my thoughts.

So, how do you like my new painting?
Don't forget to Leave your comments -  share your thoughts with me, to improve my work.

Thanks for visiting. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Feature in Indian Talent Magazine

Happy New Year to all my dear readers.
My first blog post in the year of 2014.

This year I am starting with my recent feature in "Indian Talent Magazine".
I always think about those days when I started this blog. My new experiments on canvas, some good, some fail - My old paintings will tell my story.. 
By the time passed, today after 4 years, I see my self standing with such talented people - It feels great.

Read more at the magazine, Page 52.-

rachana, indian art, folk art, indian woman,
---- Spot Light- Page 4---- 
Feature, rachana, indian art, indian woman, folk art, goddess, durga
--- Page 52 --

This is like a big achievement for me, and I sincerely thank everyone who supported me, guided me, commented and criticize my work. Without you I may not be able to stand here.
Thank you !!

New year with new beginning....

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