Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Give-away on the arrival of my lil princess "Aadhya"

Such a long time..!! But my days are moving like seconds..
It’s Party time. I am enjoying a new phase of life – Motherhood.

My cute little princess "Aadhya " is one month old now!!
One month!! Ahh, days passed like seconds.. 
Kids are little miracle, bunch of Joy. Life is so amazing with them.
I mean yes - in all aspects,including my favorite line "I am exhausted!!
But little wonders are always wonderful.. :)

For the great celebration, I am announcing an exiting Give-away..!!!
And the give-away is a Print of માતૃત્વ (Motherhood) (8"x 10" Photo Print)

And to win this Give-away all you need to do is...

★ Comment on this post. and become a follower of my blog (on the sidebar) and leave me a comment.
(Already a follower, simply leave me a comment.)
 ★ Like my Facebook page.
★ If you are a non blogger, please leave me your email address in your comment… I’d love for you to participate as well.
★ If my work inspired you to create something, leave me a comment and send me an e-mail of your work.
Commenting will be open for a 15 days after which I will choose a winner :) :) 
Winner will announce on 13 Sept 2012..(Just like last time)
The Give-away is FREE and participation is not just limited to India :) 
So where ever you are, comment away and like my page and you are all set!!!!

All the best Everyone !!

*** Please announce the giveaway on your blog/ Facebook page, this will also help other people join in the ‘give away’.*****

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